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Twitter Releases New Tool For Curating Best Tweets Around A Particular Topic

One of the greatest challenges on Twitter is cutting through the noise to find tweets with the most value, insight, and influence. Today, the company released a new tool designed to tackle that challenge.

Curator can surface and display the most relevant Twitter (and Vine) content centered around a particular topic. Twitter is framing this as a tool for media publishers, because the end goal is to broadcast a stream of curated tweets on the web or TV, but I see some use for marketers as well.

For example, at marketing conferences you often see TV screens set up with a live hashtag feed. Usually that’s just list of tweets in chronological order, but with Curator you can thoughtfully display a collection of the “best” tweets.

In this instance, when I say “best” I’m referring to whichever parameters you choose to set. You can display only tweets from people with 1000+ followers, or display only the most retweeted tweets, and so on. The choice is up to you.

You can also then take the curated stream and display it on your website, your mobile app, or anywhere else where you have a presence on the web.

Here’s how Twitter describes its newest product:

Curator enables publishers to create complex keyword and hashtag queries to easily uncover streams of high quality Tweets. Queries can be further refined by follower counts, location, languages and more to create collections of the most relevant Tweets pertaining to that topic.

Right now, access to Curator is on an invite-only basis. To request access for your business, fill out the form here.

SEJ STAFF Matt G. Southern Senior News Writer at Search Engine Journal

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Twitter Releases New Tool For Curating Best Tweets Around A Particular Topic

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