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Twitter is Testing a New Way to View Users’ Profiles

Twitter is Testing a New Way to View Users’ Profiles

Twitter is testing a new way to view the profiles of other users in the mobile app without leaving the timeline.

When a Twitter handle is tagged in a tweet, users can tap on it and it will open in a pop-over window.

To get back to the previous screen just slide the pop-over window down.

This is a small but useful change as it prevents interruptions to the Twitter browsing experience.

Ordinarily, tapping on a Twitter handle would take you to the user’s profile in a new screen.

That may cause you to lose your place on the screen you were previously viewing.

Losing your place could be especially annoying if you were reading a lengthy Twitter thread, or had been scrolling down for a while.

Personally, there are times when I avoid leaving the screen at all if I’m especially concerned about losing track of what I’m looking at.

So I see this as a welcome addition to the user experience that could ultimately lead to more connections with Twitter users.

The test is rolling out now to users on iOS and Android.


Matt G. Southern

Senior News Writer at Search Engine Journal

Matt G. Southern, Senior News Writer, has been with Search Engine Journal since 2013. With a bachelor’s degree in communications, ...

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