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Twitter Gives Businesses Advice on Writing More Effective Tweets

Twitter shared some advice with businesses about what it takes to write better tweets that get users to take action.

Joe Wadlington, Twitter’s Creative Lead, shared tips in a brief video illustrating the differences between good and bad copy.

Here’s the example he provided of the “bad” copy:

Based off of this example, here’s what Wadlington recommends:

  • Stay away from all caps: This sounds like shouting and could project a feeling of anger.
  • Use percentages: According to internal research, percentages are more effective than dollar signs.
  • Fewer hashtags: Go easy on hashtags, especially when you’re trying to get people to click on a website link.
  • Use website cards: It may be more effective to use a website card (ad unit) instead of a plain URL.

With these recommendations taken into account, here’s what the revised tweet would look like.

The example above demonstrates the following changes

  • Removed all caps
  • Changed copy to “for a limited time” (a gentler way to show urgency)
  • No hashtags to distract people from where you want them to go (which is the website link)

See the full video below:

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Twitter Gives Businesses Advice on Writing More Effective Tweets

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