The Fastest Ways to Share Anything on Twitter (FireFox and Google Chrome)

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Let’s face it, we tweet a lot. Most of us have a great habit of sharing any interesting article we come across. And I am sure you are already aware of quite a few browser tricks to quickly grab the page URL, add a comment and share on Twitter.

Let me share a few more to add to your arsenal: the following browser extensions off the fastest way to tweet:



Statusus alows to quickly share any page you are currently reading from right-click context menu. Just select the phrase or a sentence you want to go in the update, right-click, select “Statusus” and choose whether you want the update to go to Twitter or Facebook.

Statusus FireFox


  • It clutters right-click menu (which, if you like playing with new addons, is likely to be already pretty much cluttered);
  • It lacks options and adds “via @Statusus” to your update:

Share from Statusus


TwitterBar allows to update your Twitter stream right from the status bar. It adds a little bird icon to your browser URL bar – click it to post the current URL to Twitter (you can set it to confirm the update with you every time you click it):


It works via Twitter auth, shortens the link and adds “Currently browsing” to it (by default):

Currently browsing

This behavior is customized via the tool settings though:

  • You can use any phase to go in the post as well as use $$ placeholder for the current page title:
  • You can select the shortener;


Google Chrome

Twitter Share This Page

Twitter Share This Page: The fastest way I am aware of to share updates via Google Chrome which works from the Address bar icon:

  • Clicking the icon in the status bar brings you to Twitter share screen;
  • The tool automatically grabs the page title or the text you highlight on the page;
  • The tool automatically shortens the URL (which can be customized from the tool option):

Twitter share this page

All in all, it requires two clicks: one on the icon in the address bar and one to post the update:

Twitter share

Happy sharing!

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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  • Gillaspy Wu

    I like the Chrome App Cortex for fast sharing to Twitter, FB, Instapaper, and tumblr. It’s like the gunslinger’s choice of Chrome sharing tools.

  • jibran

    good but this is not the fastest way , there are other methods of this

  • Dr. Ogalinski

    In Chrome, there isn’t anything faster than Cortex. Period.

  • IrishWonder

    For Firefox, there’s also Ubiquity where there is a command for Twitter

  • Event Planning

    hey this is good and very faster thank you for share this.

  • SSL Reseller

    Now a day Facebook and Twiiter is fastest way to share your updates and even site news on that both social sites. it is best way to tell social people easily.

  • shazan sayani

    Thanks Ann, TwitterBar is looking good enough in performing the job !!!

  • James Dee

    The latest Google Toolbar has the Sharing Button which has a wide list of services to share to that includes Twitter! Why not use that instead if you are already using the Google Toolbar that is…

  • Randy Addison

    Oh, thanks for this one. I am using Chrome and I honestly, haven’t tried to use this method ever. lol. But thanks for the information.

  • ndtvexpress

    facebook and twitter are most popular website. where eveyone share our idea…………..