Twitter Experimenting With New Feature To Show How Many People Viewed Your Tweets

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Twitter is reportedly experimenting with a new feature (see this link for a screenshot) that would show users how many people viewed their individual tweets. The view count would be shown underneath each tweet, similar to how Facebook shows the amount of views underneath each Page post.

Advertisers have long had access to these kinds of analytics on Twitter, being able to see how many views their tweets receive while running an advertising campaign. If this experiment is eventually rolled out to all users it would mark the first time Twitter has made those statistics available to everyone.

Twitter has explained before that they work on experiments all the time. They say “it’s rare for a day to go by when we’re not releasing at least one experiment.”

Not all of those experiments get released across the entire platform, “We also experiment with features that may never be released to everyone who uses Twitter. Those experiments are perhaps even more valuable because they help us decide what not to do.”

It’s important for us not to get our hopes up about tweet views just yet, but it sure is worth noting they’re at least testing it. Tweet views would be an extremely useful way for individuals and businesses to measure the true reach of their tweets, something they’ve never been able to do without being a paying advertiser.

Even though the feature hasn’t been released yet, there are mixed feelings about it already. On one hand some are saying it would help encourage others to tweet more if they can see how many people are seeing their tweets. On the other hand, some are saying it could discourage people from using the service if they have hundreds of followers but only a few dozen people actually see what they’re tweeting.

Where do you fall? Do you think it would be encouraging or discouraging to see how many times your tweets have been viewed? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Matt Southern

Matt Southern

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  • Rajesh Mudiraj

    Every time when i opened my Facebook Page, I’d seen page views of my posts. when i tweet into twitter it wouldn’t possible. Finally, I hope Twitter will also launch views feature, but they going to do. Thanks to SEJ.

  • Tommy Landry

    It’s a great move to give us the stats, but I doubt they decide to do so. What happens if everyone looks at it and sees that they are Tweeting into an abyss? Number of followers has no correlation to number of engaged followers. If folks never check twitter, impressions will be low, which may lead to users jumping ship because the platform isn’t worth the time. That’s a huge risk for Twitter, given their concerns about the volume of dormant accounts on there.

    Thanks for covering the feature. Good stuff.

  • Hugh Briss (@HughBriss)

    I agree with Tommy and doubt they’ll ever roll it out. I think the average user gets an incredibly low number of tweet views and Twitter won’t want them to see that. It might quiet people down who complain so much about their low Facebook reach though.

  • Kaity

    Tonight I noticed that I can see how many people have viewed my tweets and if my tweets are ‘top tweets.’ It’s quite cool. I have little over 100 followers but one of my tweets was seen by 400 users and a couple are top tweets. Most are only seen by about 20 or so though, max 80. It doesn’t put me off, but then I’m not massively bothered about that kind of thing 🙂

  • Mae

    Good move for Twitter. They are getting better features every now and then. It’ll lessen those who keeps on tweeting and tweeting with no reach at all. If this is going to happen, then people on Twitter will be be more conscious on what they Tweet and divert their focus only to quality tweets.

  • Scott @ Kawntent

    This new feature in Twitter will help businesses know the scope that their tweets could reach. In my opinion, seeing how many views their tweets get will also make them know if they should set up ways on how to promote their business more effectively.

    • Mae

      Yes, I must agree.