Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Launches Jelly, A Social Q&A Search Engine

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Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Launches Jelly, A Social Q&A Search Engine

Twitter Co-Founder, Biz Stone, recently launched his super-secret project Jelly, available worldwide on Android and iOS as of yesterday. Jelly is “kinda like using a conventional search engine,” as it states on the Jelly blog, in the sense that you can ask questions and get answers—”but that’s where the similarities end.”

What differentiates Jelly from conventional search engines, and other Q&A services like Quora and Yahoo Answers, is its emphasis on searching via images and using people, rather than algorithms, to deliver results. Jelly is also different in the way it’s positioned to be fun for people to answer questions, as well as useful for those asking them.

You may find yourself answering questions as well as asking. You can help friends, or friends-of-friends with their questions and grow your collection of thank you cards. It feels good to help… Any question on Jelly can be forwarded outside the app—to anyone in the world.

Jelly is built around the idea that if you have a question you more than likely have a friend, or a friend of a friend, who knows the answer. Biz Stone believes the success of Jelly is intrinsic on the fact that people are driven to help. With Jelly, Stone hopes to make the world a more empathetic place.

How Do You Use Jelly?

Jelly has been designed to use imges to ask questions. For example, if you’re traveling and come across an unfamiliar landmark you can snap a picture of it using Jelly and ask what it is. The question is then sent to people in your social network who have Jelly where they can then answer the question, or forward it to people in their network to find an answer.

For a more detailed explanation of how to use Jelly, and the idea behind it, please see the official launch video below:

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  • Akeem54

    An innovative development in search engine

  • Blake Andrew

    Honestly don’t see this app making an impact. You can already pose questions or questions w/ photos to your social networks or even friends via txt or video messaging, and these services are readily available. Getting enough of your network to download a new app just to help answer and receive new questions may be a stretch in today’s competitive landscape. That with the already strong Q&A sites where you can get answers from sometimes professional (not just friends or extended friends) poses a strong challenge.

  • Paul Lovell

    Looks Great, but just went to download it on my note 2 and its not compatable.
    I don’t think you get a lot of people on andriod using it

  • Sona

    Well said by blake as we can pose questions / photos on our existing social networks. I think there is some buzz only because one of the founder is co- founder of twitter.