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Twitter Ads Coming in 2010?

Twitter in many ways reminds me of Google, and I’m not talking about the way that using it to post 140 character updates has become a verb in the same fashion that “to Google” sometimes refers to searching. It’s more so how Twitter has become a way of life for many, in the same way that Googling has, but for communication and connecting instead of querying.

This puts Twitter in a unique position of building its following and usage in an organic and grassroots type fashion, especially since their users become evangelists for their service … “Connect to me!” “Follow Me On Twitter!” “Become my friend!”

Being in such a position also lets Twitter properly forecast its valuation to the point where they can apparently continue to grow, and not have to rush into quick monetization tactics which could stunt growth or their credibility.

According to Twitter co-founder Biz Stone (who I always get mixed up with Stone Phillips), Twitter will not be adding Twitter powered advertisements or Sponsored Tweets just yet, not in 2009 at least as covered in Reuters :

“Any kind of approach toward advertising is going to be awhile … We’re not thinking about that just yet,” Stone said at the 140: Twitter Conference in Los Angeles.

Twitter does however plan to add analytics and reporting for its premier business users this year, as analytics show a return on investment, which in turn shows numbers and proof that a marketing campaign is working :

Stone said Twitter aims to offer premium features for commercial account users this year.

“We wanted to show people that we’re here to stay and here we are making money,” Stone said.

Those features, which could debut in test form, are envisioned as for-pay features and potentially could include “light analytics” tools that allow commercial users to gather data on their followers, he said.

I feel that this is the first step in many of launching TwitterAds since if commercial users are already plugged into their analytics and tracking system, this environment would make for the perfect beta testing ground of a Twitter advertising program. Thoughts?

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Twitter Ads Coming in 2010?

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