Twitter Adds Photo Tagging And Collages To iOS And Android Apps

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Twitter announced they will be adding two new features to their iOS and Android apps to make photos “more social.”

Taking a page from Facebook, Twitter will be adding the ability to tag others in photos. They will also be adding the ability to upload photo collages, a popular photo sharing feature that could previously only be accomplished by using third party apps.

With the latest version of Twitter’s iOS and Android app you will now be able to tag up to 10 people in a tweet, which won’t have any impact on character length, “you can tag up to 10 people in a photo and still have all 140 characters at your disposal.” 

If you’re tagged in a photo you’ll receive a notification, which you can turn on or off in the Settings menu. You can also adjust who is able to tag you in a photo, your choices are: anyone can tag you, people you follow can tag you, or no one can tag you

With Twitter’s new collage feature you can now share up to four photos in one tweet, which automatically creates a collage. This feature is being rolled out now on iPhone, and is coming soon to Android and desktop.

Regardless of what platform you’re using Twitter on you will still be able to view multi-photo tweets uploaded by others, which behave similar to multi-photo Facebook posts.

Both of these new features will also be available when embedding tweets into webpage posts.


Matt Southern

Matt Southern

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    This new feature could definitely benefit businesses! One particular business comes to mind is food. People love to take pictures of their food and share it. Now Twitter users will be able to tag their favorite restaurants! But this new feature could work for any business as well though. People are constantly tweeting about where they are so now if they have an enjoyable (or unpleasant) experience at an establishment, they’ll be able to tag those businesses.