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Twitter Adds Audio-Only Live Broadcasting

Twitter has launched a new feature that gives users the ability to create audio-only live streams.

This new feature was confirmed via a tweet in which the company announced:

“Sometimes you just want to talk, without being on camera. We’re launching audio-only broadcasting, so your followers can hear, but not see you.”

Audio-only broadcasting is now available through an update to Twitter’s iOS app. It’s also available on the Periscope app.

Starting an audio-only broadcast is just like starting a regular live broadcast on Twitter.

Simply tap the “Live” button, and then there will be an option to broadcast audio only.

Although this feature is only available on iOS, for the time being, Twitter users on any device will be able to listen to the broadcasts.

Once a live broadcast is finished it will remain available to listen to afterward.

As a primarily text-based platform, Twitter feels particularly well-suited for live audio broadcasts. More so than platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Breaking news reporters, for example, can provide live audio updates without having to provide accompanying video.

It may also prove to be a useful way to share updates longer than 280 characters without having to publish multiple tweets.

Audio-only broadcasts retain all the same reporting insights of regular live broadcasts.

Users will be able to view stats such as numbers of live viewers, replay viewers, average listening time, and more.

Listeners will be able to interact with a live audio-only broadcast with likes and comments, just as they would with a live video broadcast.

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Twitter Adds Audio-Only Live Broadcasting

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