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TweetUp, Now PostUp; Name Change Reflects Expansion into Facebook and LinkedIn

TweetUp, Now PostUp; Name Change Reflects Expansion into Facebook and LinkedIn

Search engine meets advertising platform start-up, TweetUp, will now be known as PostUp, according to an article by Business Wire. Why, you may ask? Well because not only is it going to continue to be used in the same way it always has been, but now it will expand to include Facebook and LinkedIn.

When it originally launched in April, TweetUp was created to make it easier for users to locate noteworthy posts by other Twitter users that were relevant to their business or needs. Using an algorithm that calculates results by taking into account relevance, quality, and tweet and tweeter influence, the site then displays search results in ranked order. Combined with the ability of users to bid on specific keywords so that their results will be displayed on the top of results, PostUp utilizes paid advertising in much the same way as Google’s Adsense and Overture (which coincidentally enough used to be – the company that revolutionized the business of monetizing search engine traffic past normal ads – which was started by PostUp CEO Bill Gross) for Yahoo.

Gross stated that there are over 12,000 tweeters that have registered over 200,000 keywords to date. With this expansion it allows users a broader range of search results from various social networking platforms, thus enabling companies to target followers who might be partial to one page or another all at the same time.

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