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Tweet Pro Social Media Software, Pass or Fail?

This morning Sozialize, new social media software, founded by Cesar Serna’s company, Serna Media, Inc. released its first product to the world, Tweet Pro. The newest in an army of Twitter applications, Tweet Pro is rather unique with its advanced features and the Serna-certified stamp of perfection.

“Tweet Pro allows you to quickly and easily find Twitter users who share your same interest by allowing you to search through posted messages and profile information. Using this software you can be following people all over the world who share your same interest in minutes.”

We were invited to test the software in advance and provide feedback on ways to improve the service. Here is one SEO’s honest opinion of how Tweet Pro measures up:

Compatibility: FAIL

When I first received the trial I was so excited to open it and dive in! Alas, upon clicking the download link (which I’d received in email vs. the web where there’s a pleasant warning) I realized I’d hit a nasty roadblock – Tweet Pro requires windows installer! Say it isn’t so! Only compatible with Windows XP or Vista, so not cuil.

Design and UI: PASS

Simple, clean and intuitive. Everything is packaged tightly into one area. No flashy icons, nothing pretty for the sake of pretty, just perfect ease-of-use. I want to make love to that disgusting and ironically focusing gray. Don’t tell my designer/boss or he’ll beat me over the head with a gradient covered stick. I also loved the spreadsheet layout with sortable, clickable and highlightable columns and rows. It’s the ordered things in life that make a girl happy.

Twitter Account Limits: PASS

I love that I can spam the crap out of Twitter with an unlimited amount of accounts. The average user only needs one account, maybe two, one for their personal account and one for their crochet club. Conversely, an “advanced user” needs thousands to stay in touch with their BFF’s! This is perfect for snake oil salesmen… or hardworking white hats that like to maintain a dozen or so accounts for their honest products.

Twitter API limits: FAIL

Why can’t I befriend 300 close personal friends at one time? This is entirely the fault of Twitter’s API, where’s the trust? Bring Blaine back!

Tweeple Display Flexibility: PASS

I love that the default method of viewing tweeple displays just a simple screen name and message. Even better is the option to include their follows, followers and profile with the screen name and message. This makes it easy enough for a chimpanzee to quickly assess which profiles are worth the follow… are they a high profile blogger that outsources their account to Hatian child laborers? Are they a stay-at-home mom that follows her high school crush and buys thousands worth of shoes and purses? Are they a mainstream media source that is just dying to never follow you back? Social profiling is kicked into high gear.

My only request is that I can choose which of the different user options to include. For example, I might only want a screen name, a message and a following count. Is there a simpler way to make it all about my needs? Even better, how fun would it be to require certain parameters like only display tweeple with greater than 30 following, 60 followers and “SEO whore” in their profile.

Search Operations: PASS

It looks like simple search operations like OR, -, + and “” are allowed and work well. Also, searches aren’t case sensitive and stemming doesn’t appear to work, so exact word only.

Software Price: PASS

Cesar’s smart for offering a single day ($9.95) or thirty day ($19.95) account. If you take the time to really use Tweet Pro in all of its glory (and don’t have 5,000 Twitter accounts… bad SEO, bad) then this should be sufficient for account maintenance every once in awhile. Conversely, if you’re marketing a hefty product, your own name or anything else that requires daily attention the monthly price isn’t terrifying as compared to other social media solutions on the market.

New Features: PASS

Since the initial trial, Cesar has been working like a house elf on crack to improve the application and new features now include:

  • A queue for processing new accounts (it could take awhile). The queue can be randomized for time between requests and scheduled for certain hours of the day. The queue stops when you close the software and by default is off when you restart it, but if you hit start should pick up where it left off. If you need to remove someone from the queue, because you just realized you never called them back after that night in Cancun, you can right click on their name and select remove or stop the queue and remove them before restarting.
  • Tweet Pro syncs with your current followers. You can download your current Twitter follower list, which is vital for saving time and API requests.
  • Want to download the follower list for yourself? It’s saved locally, have a ball with that.
  • Even more to come… Cesar is a machine!

Overall impression of Tweet Pro: PASS!

This is an exceptional tool in a sea of nonsense Twitter applications. It takes hours of manual social media and online reputation management work and condenses it neatly into a simple and highly enjoyable process. If you’re an SEO, an online marketer, a PR professional, an industry expert (or anyone that wants to find new friends, because you’re lonely), this is a must-have tool. It makes my short list and I encourage everyone to give it a test spin and most importantly, provide Cesar with feedback on ways to improve the application. You can also follow Soxialize on Twitter (of course!).

Congratulations Cesar on your initial success with Soxialize!

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Rhea Drysdale

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Tweet Pro Social Media Software, Pass or Fail?

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