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Tumblr Gets Its Own Instant Messaging Feature in Mobile + Desktop Update

Tumblr is the latest social network to get its own built-in instant messaging feature, available now on Android, iOS, and desktop.

The company admits that, since this is a big launch, it will take as long as several weeks to get out to everyone. Everyone will have it soon, the company assures, as soon as its servers are able to handle it.

If you’re a Tumblr user, you’ll know if you have access to instant messaging if you’re greeted with a bouncy smiley-face speech balloon the next time you open your updated mobile app.

According to the company, you can literally help spread the feature by messaging other Tumblr users. Apparently when you message others, they too will receive the feature if they haven’t already. The instant messaging invite system is limited to 50 invites per day, per user.

Still in the early stages, Tumblr’s instant messaging doesn’t yet support basic features like emojis, stickers, and GIFs — or more advanced features like GIFs and file sharing. However, there’s no doubt this will change as the feature matures.

A place that has become (in)famous for anonymous interaction — typically in the form of Q’s & A’s — Tumblr will not allow anonymous users to send instant messages. Although users will be able to adjust their privacy settings according to whom they want to receive instant messages from.

Will this be enough to spark new interest in the social platform owned by Yahoo? If nothing else, instant messaging should be enough to encourage current users to return to the platform and use it more frequently. Whether or not it will be enough to encourage new users to join will be determined as the feature matures.

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Tumblr Gets Its Own Instant Messaging Feature in Mobile + Desktop Update

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