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Tsunami Blogs Rally Support for Disaster Victims

Tsunami Blogs Rally Support for Disaster Victims

Tsunami Blogs Rally Support for Disaster Victims

Bloggers are rallying for support and providing coverage of the devestation across Asia and the Sub-continent. The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog is providing news and coverage from the Region The Command Post is providing coverage on how to donate to those in need in the Region.

Brand New Malaysian is co-ordinating donations for Malaysian victims. Blogs providing local coverage include, and Sumankumar’s yak pad. Soieasy is providing pictures from the scene. Addiitonally, Bene Diction is linking Canadians up with agencies, blogs and radio stations providing help.

If you know of any other blogs which are helping to direct relief to tsunami disaster victims, updates on relief efforts, or helping to make sense of these trying times, please leave a comment on the Search Engine Journal (comment box below) and we will list them here. The Search Engine Journal and Blog Search Engine have both also gifted ad space to Unicef USA (located on the right side of this site). If you own a website, blog, or forum and would like to donate UNICEF important ad space, please email me at


Hundreds of thousands of children are at great risk after the earthquake and tsunamis that hit six South Asian countries on December 26. Donate now to the US Fund for UNICEF and help provide emergency health kits, medical supplies, water purification tablets, and shelter for children and families.

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Tsunami Blogs Rally Support for Disaster Victims

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