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TrueLocal Search Advertising Still in Limbo

TrueLocal Search Advertising Still in Limbo

TrueLocal Search Advertising Still in Limbo

Was putting together some basic local listings yesterday for my brother-in-law’s tree service company and went about the updates to the usual local search offerings; Yahoo Local, Google Local, Contractors.com, SuperPages… etc. Then, I stopped by TrueLocal.com’s site, which I have not been to in a while and selected the Get Listed option.

Seems TrueLocal.com is revamping their advertising and according to their message on the outdated TrueLocal.com Get Listed page, they were supposed to have everything together last month:

TrueLocal is currently working on a better advertising system which will launch December 2005. Here are a few highlights of what you’ll see:

* Local customers for as little as $5 a month – we know it’s inexpensive. Broken down that’s a $4 a month listing fee and minimum $1 bidding in a category and zip code to get to the top of the results (i.e. Hotels in 60603)

* All advertisers will get a free 1-800 number so customers can phone you at our expense.

* Set up that is hassle free and that takes less than fifteen minutes.

* Monitoring your account will be really easy You’ll be told when you’ve been outbid other than that you can connect with customers without any work

Sounds perfect, especially the trackable 1-800 numbers for tracing calls and leads back to TrueLocal.com, problem is that this was supposed to be finished by December 2005. TrueLocal.com, when can advertisers expect the new system to be launched and ready to roll? Can you please update your Get Listed page?

In the meantime, I’ll be searching for some really juicy local links for the business, as getting links on the local level sometimes is as easy as making a phone call to a local site or buying someone a beer at the bar. If you have any sites to suggest for building local links in Maryland, please feel free to list them below in the comment field.


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