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TripAdvisor Adds Travel Search Engine

TripAdvisor Adds Travel Search Engine

TripAdvisor, the long time user generated media travel community with true to life hotel and destination reviews, photos and information, has added a new flight search engine which includes a dynamic fee estimator. The meta-search style service also features direct booking via Expedia, Travelocity and Hotwire and most US carriers.

This is the first time Expedia and Hotwire have participated in this type of search and the first and only flight display that presents results for booking on Travelocity, Expedia and Hotwire together in one display, supplemented by the power of ITA Software, offering consumers more options than ever before.

Here is some more information on the new TripAdvisor Search Engine from their news release :

TripAdvisor simplifies and clarifies airline fees with the first fully integrated Fees Estimator in the industry. This revolutionary feature calculates and compares the entire cost of a domestic flight, including ticket price, fees for checked luggage and even anticipated in-flight food service and entertainment, based on the traveler’s needs. Clicking on the Fees Estimator button and specifying the number of checked bags and other details will quickly recalculate search results, including all the extra fees, for the most accurate comparison.

Unique Features that Go the Extra Mile

  • Rich SeatGuru content is available for the first time ever in a flight search engine through color-coded maps with details on legroom and amenities
  • TripTip! Alerts tell travelers when business-class or first-class tickets are available for a price close to the coach fares they are considering
  • Real-time seat availability charts are integrated into the search results helping travelers find the right seat at the right price
  • Airline information bubbles appear when travelers mouse over the airline logos, describing special features of a particular airline, including seatback entertainment
  • TripAdvisor’s trusted hotel, attraction and restaurant information is always just a click away

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TripAdvisor Adds Travel Search Engine

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