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Triberr Gets Acquired, Founder Shares Keys to the Platform’s Success

Triberr Gets Acquired, Founder Shares Keys to the Platform’s Success

Five years after launch, content and influencer marketing platform Triberr has been acquired by 99robots. Founder Dino Dogan stated in an email sent to Triberr’s mailing list that he’s handing over the reins to 99robots’ Charlie Patel.

In a post on Triberr’s blog, Patel lays out his vision for the future of the platform and his plans to bring more value to content creators:

“We have bold plans to improve the platform and simplify the many aspects of content and influencer marketing to help you get more reach. The future of Triberr will be collaborative and rely heavily on feedback from users.”

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Lessons Learned from the Success of Triberr

What’s next for Dino Dogan, the founder of Triberr? We reached out to ask, while also looking for the founder to share what he believed made the platform into a success.

The top lessons learned from the success of Triberr, Dogan explains, are the benefits of partnering with your competition:

“As for a big lesson, there have been so many, but one stands out. Partner with your competition. It’s natural to feel adversarial against someone who’s in the same space as you, but every time I’ve reached out across the table it turned out to be the best decision I could have made.”

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Dogan explains that Triberr partnered with companies for the purpose of putting on events, building campaigns, conducting webinars, and to test-drive new technology.

“Partnerships are truly an underrated method for growing a company. And partnering with your competition is probably the most underutilized growth channel.”

As for his next project, Dogan didn’t allude to having anything on his mind at the moment, but stated he’s excited to see what he does next.

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