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Trexy : The Search Trail Engine

Trexy is a web search tool that adds a social connotation to the science of searching. Trexy lets users follow search trails of users over 4000 of the web’s search engines. Trexy’s maxim is that recording a search trail helps users recall links to data more quickly and also share useful resource links more easily. For more reasons to use Trexy, follow link here.

Trexy is a portmanteau word on Trail and Memex. Memex was the machine proposed by Dr. Vannevar Bush (one of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s main advisers within the area of science and technology policy) for creating a system to store collective memory.

Trexy’s TailRank analysis engine, analyzes the intersection of various users search trails thus determining the relevancy of a link to a particular search term. Users could zoom to the intended result by following Trexy’s suggested trails. Also, the relevancy of documents is determined dynamically by matching the intersection of search points between searches of many users.

The Trexy engine can be used as a toolbar as well. Only information relating to search activities is saved by Trexy, meaning that login and other credentials are never logged. Users can also choose to share their search trails or keep the search trails private.

A memory trail of search history has its advantages as a surrogate recall memory. From a research angle, the features offered by the engine are indeed useful.

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Trexy : The Search Trail Engine

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