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Translate Text From Any App With Google Now on Tap

In an update to Google Now on Tap for Android Marshmallow users, you can now do more without having to leave the app you’re in. In addition to being able to translate text within any app, users can also discover more of the content that interests them, and scan barcodes and QR codes.

Translate Anything

For some time Google has offered the ability to translate text from any webpage you’re viewing in the Chrome browser. Now the company has extended that functionality to any app running on its Android Marshmallow operating system.

Translating text in an app is as easy as long-pressing the home button and selecting “translate this screen”. Google Now on Tap will do the rest, translating the text into the native language you have selected on your phone.

“So if you’re using Google Maps and come across a location or a restaurant review in a foreign language, just long press the home button and continue reading. You’ll even be able to translate multiple languages at once.”

To start with, the translate feature will be available for phones with their language set to either: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, or Russian.

Content Discovery

Google Now on Tap has made it easier for Android users to discover more content related to topics of interest to them. Again, you can bring up the new “Discover” icon from any app by long-pressing on the home button. Tapping on the Discover icon will bring up a stream of related content.

Barcodes and QR Codes

Google is introducing two new additions to its Search by Image feature, which launched last month with the ability to search for objects from your camera roll. Now you use the feature to scan product barcodes and QR codes to bring up a set of cards with more information about the product.

This update is rolling out today for Android users running Marshmallow or higher.

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Translate Text From Any App With Google Now on Tap

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