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Tracking your Backlinks with Free Internal Analytics Tools

After my recent huge post on SEO tools was published, I promised to add the section for free online internal analytics services; but before that I decided to discuss different aspects of the topic starting with effective tracking of your backlinks and referrals. The 4 tools I’ll be reviewing here include:

Options/ Analytics Site Meter Hittail Google Analytics Get Clicky
Sorting options no no yes yes
Filtering options no yes yes yes
Export results no yes yes yes
Traffic stats per referer no no yes yes
Multiple domains per account no yes yes yes

Now a few words about each of them:

Sitemeter provides a partial report of your site recent referrals.

Benefits: the service is free and extremely easy to install and use.

Drawbacks: no sorting options; mixed up search referrals and site referrals; no export option; public stats for free users; one domain per account.


Hittail – while the service is primarily meant for long tail tracking, it does provide information on recent referrals under "Search Hits" tab.

Benefits: find the exact date and time when the link was clicked to bring a surfer to your site; export data to Excel; delete any referrals you don’t want to see; track more than one domain per account.

Drawbacks: limited sorting and filtering options; no traffic stats for each referral.


Google Analytics does have powerful features allowing you to track your visitors’ behavior but rather weak backlink-tracking options.

Benefits: see traffic stats (people count, time on site, bounce rate, pages per visit, % of new visits) for every referral; play with multiple powerful sorting options.

Drawbacks: no direct link to the referring page for less powerful referrals (I recall there’s some hack to remedy that but I can’t find the link; so if you know it, please comment).

Google Analytics

GetClicky offers a most convenient blogger-oriented solution for tracking (especially newest) backlinks.

Benefits: get updated of most recent links; newest unique links and backlinking domains; set date range and see how the links performed over time.

Drawback: 100,000 daily page views limit


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Tracking your Backlinks with Free Internal Analytics Tools

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