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Tracking Google News : Most Popular Stories and Sources

Google News Report USA is a new service which tracks the sites which are featured on the homepage of Google News and then ranked by a popularity score.

If you have ever wondered which news sites get the most play on Google News and are ranked by the Google News algortihm as authority, this service breaks down the top sites by day, month and year.

These results are then ranked by score. The score is determined by a combination of factors: appearance day and time, prominence on the google news page, number of appearances, and others, all weighted using a custom algorithm. The algorithm is designed to estimate referer traffic to the source.

Listed are the top scoring stories in recent time periods, followed by a ranking of sources. You can bring up more detailed reports by clicking on the links at the bottom of each table.

The most popular news sources on Google News this year have been:

  1. New York Times
  2. Washington Post
  3. Houston Chronicle
  4. Bloomberg
  5. Los Angeles Times
  7. Reuters
  8. Monsters and Critics
  9. Guardian Unlimited
  10. Forbes

Not to point fingers, but Google News has been pretty vocal about cleaning up their index and limiting front page sites to major news organizations, but and Monsters & Critics getting more play than Forbes, USAToday and ABCNews?!?

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Tracking Google News : Most Popular Stories and Sources

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