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Track Super Tuesday Election Results on Yahoo News & Google Maps

If you’re like me, you’re pinned in front of the television right now watching the news channel of your choice as results from the Super Tuesday primaries come in. I’m currently watching CNN, a Google Earth partner, and monitoring the 8 pm results as different states are now reporting.

If you’d like to track the results via various US and International news services while also tracking the states on a live web mapping system, Yahoo & Google have put together some excellent mashups and services for doing so.

Yahoo’s Super Tuesday Election Dashboard is an amazing tool which, powered by Yahoo News, serves a map of the United States and when the user clicks on a state a window opens with up to minute results from their primary elections. Democratic & Republican results are broken down along with demographic polling stats for each state, historical results and delegate totals. Delicious bookmarking, Yahoo Buzz & Yahoo News items are also mashed into the dashboard, making it an interactive and somewhat social setting which is an Interestingness win for the Yahoo team.

Google Maps has its Google Maps Primary mashup which is mixing Google News indexing of election oriented news stories while also reporting on the Democratic and Republican results as they come in.

In addition to the normal campaign news, the Google Maps Primary mashup is also serving results and reactions via Twitter & Twittervision to give even more user generated updates on Super Tuesday.

Furthermore, YouTube and Google Maps are running their own mashup at You Choose Super Tuesday, publishing YouTube user videos and election results across Google Maps.

Happy results tracking this Super Tuesday. How are you tracking the Super Tuesday results?

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Track Super Tuesday Election Results on Yahoo News & Google Maps

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