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Today is Election Day and as we wake up, grab our coffee and head to our nearest voting location, we’ll leave the polls wondering whether Barack Obama or John McCain will win which states, and then become the next President of the United States of America. Of course, outside of your nearest voting stations (mine happens to be within walking distance of my place, with lines out the door and onto the road – I live in Florida) will be pollsters, trying to get the jump on the final number tally.

Yahoo Political Dashboard Election Results

The real numbers will start to be sent to the Associated Press and other press outlets tonight, and I’m sure most of the country will have their sets tuned to CNN, Fox News, MSNBC or your news network of choice, to watch the results and predictions as they roll out across the country. Of course, you can also track results using some of your favorite online services, search engines and portals.

  • Google Maps is offering an Election Map mashup which has been covered on a lot of blogs and news outlets. The Mashup, according to Google, provides real time results on the state and county level, so users can pick apart various districts and local elections – yes, there are Congressional seats up for grab today also.
  • Yahoo is showcasing the election with its Political Dashboard, a service it has offered for years. The Dashboard like Google also breaks down each state and various districts (counties) but unlike Google it is powered by RealClearPolitics, a polling outfit that has already projected Barack Obama to win today’s election. Yahoo also has added the Yahoo Search Tally, with Barack Obama topping John McCain in searches, 64.8% to 35.2%.
  • CNN’s ElectionCenter 2008 is another stop for tracking elections results tongiht. The CNN election hub is full of news items, streaming videos, blog coverage and voter poll closing times along with other information. The site also breaks down Presidential, House, Senate, Governor and local ballot measures.
  • In an interesting user generated content twist, YouTube and PBS have partnered for Video Your Vote, a YouTube and Google Maps powered service which lets voters upload their own videos about early voting, voting intimidation, problems with voting and other issues which can be instantly captured on video and uploaded to this YouTube powered PBS news channel.
  • For a different approach at election results and polling,, a costume and mask site, has been tracking the sales of Obama and McCain masks in its Presidential Mask Poll and has declared that the Obama Biden ticket will win the 2008 US Presidential Elections. According to their 2008 Official Presidential Mask Poll, which has been 100% accurate since 2000 (when most of the media got it wrong), the latest count indicates an Obama lead over McCain of 10 points; 55% to 45%.

Where will you be tracking the election results online? Please feel free to share some tips on places to track results inthe comments below and I’ll be sure to add them to the list. Ok, I’m heading out to vote!

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • george ainoo

    i hope obama is definately going to win the elections and will be the next american pressident

  • Acesnof

    Pulling for Obama! May God shine his light on him to keep us safe and to get us out of this mess…

  • Gidseo

    Just to let you know your Enlish cousins will be following the election very closely – I’ve never known so many people here planning to stay up through the night!
    We’re all hoping you’re going to vote for a change!

  • Tim Bormann

    Please America give us all (incl. Germany) something better than McBush ääähhh McCain.
    Please Vote… all eyes are on you american people!

  • Roy Ford

    You can only change by doing something different than what you have done in the past. It is time that American stands up and goes in a totally different direction politically. Only Obama can make that happen.

  • kstevens

    It will be a sad day for our country if we elect a untried ‘zero’ instead of a true American ‘hero’. Change may be needed, but it is not fair to place blame any one person or party for our current problem, which have been caused by a generation without fiscal discipline… crossing party lines.

  • Ahmanda L.

    We hope for the best America. Our only hope is in God, choose who will you really serve. We have fallen heroes who gave up their lives for our freedom. Your vote will determine the future plans we have, especially our children. God bless the USA.

  • myoslow

    Having worked with veterans and learned of their sacrifices few consider heroic a man who knowingly flies into an area with the intention of thumbing his nose at the enemy rather than saving lives on the ground. That same spirit is still being advanced by what is being called a “hero” and a “maverick” instead of someone who takes too many risks and acts before knowing all the facts. In our current world circumstances I would rather vote for a man who understands the law, understands community, and is not blinded by wealth or power. If he scores a “zero” in “politics as usual” we have the makings of a man of vision instead of a man driven by the aftermath of PTSD in wartime who cannot say often enough “stand up and fight.” That comment gives me chills because it is a battle cry embedded in a memory of torment that will not fade. I do not want a person so emotionally damaged in the most powerful office in the world.

  • Flow

    It is my hope for the next President to exude dignity, honor, and integrity. If I had to select a President based on these requirements, there is only one clear winner. It is my hope that the next President will be able to unite Americans instead of digging further lines of separation and division. It will truly warm our hearts when someday we will refer to ourselves as just Americans. Not Italian-Americans, nor African-Americans , just Americans.

  • kstevens

    If it is being suggested that John McCain, a trained pilot, chose his own mission, which is kind of ridiculous.. then we still need to remember the amazing strength of character it would take to survive and thrive such a chilling experience. I would like to see how many other politicians could do as well. One mans damage may be another’s strength of character.

  • Amber Young

    GO OBAMA!!! He Is Winnning:)

  • norma Jean

    American please go out in large numbers and Barack your Obama votes.

  • JO-KIA

    OBAMA O8!!!!!!!!!

  • norma Jean

    Hate it or love it Barry is gonna win!!!

  • Flow

    McBush is over and we can’t resolve ourselves as American citizens to settle for the merit of what a Senator did decades ago. What matters is what’s happening now. He’s lied, excercized poor judgement, rude, disrespectful, and has ran one of the most negative campaigns in history. We can’t possible ingest him as a plausible President. He’s not conducted himself in a way to earn that title.

  • TGH

    Green Party!!!!!


  • tyler_overton


  • Spencer

    One candidate stands up for this issues and topics today and promises to fight for them.

    Legalize 13 year old girls to have abortion without parental consent.
    Open ballot for Unions and more unions in the work place.
    Driver Licenses for illegal aliens.
    One candidate offers tax breaks on individuals, but their employers will be heavily penalized. (Enjoy your tax break as you get laid off)
    He is the likely next president.
    Guess who?

  • Michelle

    Spencer: WE ARE BEING LAID OF IN DROVES NOW SMARTY PANTS. Not because of regulation, but deregulation. I don’t care if employers are heavily penalized if they are multi-million/billion dollar conglomerates who are starving their own consumers because their only objective is to make shareholders as rich as possible. You know in the long run, when they bleed their consumers dry, they will destroy themselves as well. Capitalism, as it exists today, can not work. How can money circulate if big business only has the goal of keeping as much as humanly possible?

  • Michelle

    Obama for %!#$ sake.

  • TGH

    Spencer is a dimwit who relies on Fox News for information.

    because it is “Fair and Balanced”

    O’Reiley says, “SHUT UP! Shut your mouth!” and Spencer listens.

  • rorke

    Re Spencer

    Guess who is not going to win?

    He wants to throw the nation into more deficit by staying the coarse in a war that coasts the people millions of tax dollars a day.

    He wants to throw money at corporations that don’t do anything for this country but drive the debt up and the quality of life down.

    He wants to let the people be fed to the health insurance wolves when they have major health issues.

    He “pals around” with the greatest disaster to ever happen to America the Ex-President Bush

    He flip flops from one statement to the next pouring the American people in propaganda and rederic.

    If the elections aren’t rigged then just maybe the world has a chance at a better tomorrow.

  • Get Real

    When all you liberals have your tax bills tripled to pay for all his socilist plans…remember who you voted for.

    Change the only thing that is going to change is how much you pay the Government.

  • rorke

    Re Get Real

    Well at least we wont have to pay it with our lives…

    Or with our soldiers lives…

    or with our kids futures.

  • Spencer

    I can see how many here do not do research. Name calling among fellow Americans? I know Obama has good intentions. I know McCain has good intentions. Both want to be the hero and get us out of this current times. Most of the information I posted can be heard and read from all of the presidential Democratic hopefuls in the early debates. FACT! What about congress? Congress passes laws. Congress decides how to spend our money. Congress shapes foreign policy. Who controls Congress and how many promisses were made that have not been addressed? My friends…I am not here to insult in with any low intelect. I wa shoping for a some smart remarks and intelligent comments with facts. Not from Fox News but from ALL media.
    Best regards to all.

  • rorke

    Name calling among fellow Americans? That’s all this campaign has been on McCain’s side.

    Get informed

  • Get Real

    Spencer has done some research! Outstanding! rorke..sorry. If you research wars, police actions, military assistance…whatever you want to call them you will find Democrats authorize more military actions than Republicans.

    Let’s not get into what it’ll cost in lives if we leave the Middle East too soon!!!!!! Has everyone forgot 911.

  • Spencer

    Sorry about the type errors. I am actually self employed and trying to get work done. All in great humor.
    If you voted for Obama, be happy for me that according to you, he is the best choice and you trust he will take care of America and my future. I was impressed with his answer to Joe…”even if you don’t vote for me, I will work hard to help you”.
    I have nothing fundamentally bad against Obama. I just disagree with some of his tactics. I also disagree with McCain in some issues, but DO favor his views? What about Driver Licenses for illegal aliens, Big Union plans for the private sector and taxes for small companies like myself? Can anybody address that intelligently? Those are straight comments from Obama.

  • pfft

    Re Get real

    Rolls eyes. Cause the events around 911 put SUCH a great stamp of honesty on Republicans records. Propaganda and an excuse to invade for oil.

  • Get Real

    RE pfft

    lol….typical liberal.

  • pfft

    lol… typical idiot.

  • Get Real

    Why do liberal always have to go to name calling instead of TRYING to have a discussion??

  • Spencer

    Oil? Oh yes…we are sure getting those OIL perks.
    Did you know Hillary had many investments in oil and cashed out just before she launched her canpaign? Yup. DO THE RESEARCH and stop the generic bashing with Bush remarks. It’s about McCain and Obama. I am happy for who ever wins. Both have good intentions. One is a proven American hero who has served and served this country. the other one a one term senator who has only served for less than hals his term and campaing the rest of the time. Not a bad guy. Not at all. I believe he is a good guy, but McCain, in my opinion is better preparede. Who ever wins, will have my support. We can get more done this way

  • Get Real

    This is why we have elections and freedom of speech. I am a proud American and will back my President.
    As for bashing….just a little education for the uneducated,

  • Morsal

    Open your eyes and see what your precious republicans have done for us in the last 8 years. We need a clean sweep and with someone with the moral standing as Obama leading them its time to change course. He didn’t forget 911 or what happened with Catrina or the Countless lives lost at the hands of a corrupt Bush administration that McCain is 95% following to a T, Why do you think he his distancing himself so much from it… cause its true… when Catrina happened he was celebrating his birthday with Bush while Obama was shoveling away the reckage and aftermath of Catrina. I dont want a man with his eye on his pocket book like McCain. Obama is clearly the man that can see his plans through. If anything its risky to bet on the same god damn thing

  • Obama 08

    Obama 08

    Time for CHANGE!

  • Get Real

    Please…do we need to get in the Democrats with Clinton..Haiti..Somalia..the bombing of the missile frigate, etc,etc. And what did we do….nothing, until he got caught with his little girlfriend…then it was cruise missle city and then we couldn’t send enough troops over seas.

    NO PARTY IS CLEAN…I’m not naive, I just don’t agree with Obama.

  • American

    You all have no idea what CHANGE you will be getting!

  • Obama 08

    The best kind I am sure. Just watch the debates and read the reports.

  • American

    Just like I thought no clue!

  • rorke

    Re American

    Well it wont be the same old shit thats for sure…Bet ya cant tell them apart…Watch

  • American

    Sorry but your choice has little if no experience on all issues.

  • obama 08

    Just like yourself

  • American

    Good one!!! Intelligent

  • obama 08

    Obama has met challenge after challenge, growing as a leader and putting real flesh on his early promises of hope and change,” the Times said in its endorsement editorial Friday. I believe he has the will and the ability to forge the broad political consensus that is essential to finding solutions to this nation’s problems.

    U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz Retreated farther and farther to the fringe of American politics, running a campaign on partisan division, class warfare and even hints of racism

  • rorke

    Does anyone have anything real to say or are we just going to swing dicks all day. Go vote.

    Obama 2008 I am praying for you man.

  • Michelle

    It’s about the economy people. Do the Neo cons think that the most broke country in the world will remain the most powerful? Then stop shooting yourselves in the foot with ridiculous economic policies. Some of you like hunting. Now assume businesses are your deer and the government are wolves. You know what happens when the wolves are gone and nothing exists to keep the deer in check. The deer strip the land of all life and then starve to death themselves. Businesses must be regulated because by choice, they will never give as much as they take. NEVER.

  • Jane

    Only person worthy of my vote is myself, Go Jane

  • banana obama

    this site sucks

  • ryan

    Its nice to see that so many people care this year. A democrat has won the election the last 3 times and will probably again. I didn’t vote for either I would have voted for jane though.

  • Spencer

    Michelle is correct. It’s about the economy. She is also correct about ridiculous economics policies. Specially in a representative republic like the one we live. That’s why distribution of wealth is wrong.
    History 101:
    The downfall of the greatest empire in the world (Rome) is because of these three items.
    Big Government. (Less private sectors )
    Higher Taxes. (Current Democratic Agenda)
    Litigations (Unions, lawsuits, court system)
    All of these items will bankrup any economy, grow government and penalize private sectors.
    I learn this in College and have kept up with my education in history so I don’t repeat mistakes. I hope we learn from the past administration’s mistakes. Many lessons there. Looks like Obama will be elected this time. He will not be my cup of tea, but I will gladly rally behind him and none of you who disagree with me will get any insult, curse word or bashing from me. I am ready and self sufficient to take care of myself and family regardless of what Government takes over.
    Highest Regards to ALL.
    Trip Spencer

  • Kelsey

    “we love mccain
    we love obama
    but most of all
    we love each other.”

    where is the love????

  • chaminda

    I expect obama will win

  • Tom

    Maybe the guys over at Yahoo should spend some of their budget on a new pocket calculator instead…

    Did you add up the numbers of EV’s stated on the Dashboards website for the last couple of hours?

    349 Obama
    147 McCain

    open states:
    11 Missouri
    15 North Carolina
    15 Georgia

    As of my humble, German math skills that would sum up to a rough 537 Electoral Votes in total. Call me a smart-ass or a pettifogger, but there seems to be missing a delegate somewhere…

    Just my 2 cents 😉

    Greetings from across the pond,

  • Tom


    seems like it’s not Yahoo’s fault. Google Maps shows the same “error”. I then guess it must be an error on AP’s behalf, since that’s both website’s data provider.

    Sorry Yahoo 😉

  • Spencer

    I hope to be one of the first McCain supported to congratulate Obama for his amazing campaign and leadership which earned him the position of President of the United States. My best wishes and prayers will be with him. I do not share many of his political views, but as Americans, we have more in common. My absolute best wishes. One more thing, I beg to Mr. Obama to reconsider his position on 13 year old abortions, Workers Unions and National Defense and Energy. Regardless, I stand behind my American President.
    Highest Regards to all and God bless America.
    Trip Spencer.

  • ryan

    its nice to see that you are humble. I hope that most people only have some ideas on either side that they really agree with. To me there really isn’t that much of a difference between President-Elect Obama and Senator McCain as far as their goals for this great nation. I do however support and think that unions are one of the greatest struggles that the workforce ever accomplished. One way to fix our economy might be to have more not less unions. As union memberships decline so does the average wage of workers in a sector. Either way we have a new leader and hopefully the people made the right decision. Thanks for the comments everyone and good luck in your daily struggles.


  • max rushmore

    Obama may have won but the AMERICAN people LOST ! ! !