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Big news from today as they have unveiled their news search technology platform which searches news stories and news trends over a one year archived index. I ran into Chris Tolles today at Search Engine Strategies and he filled me in a bit on their new search direction, which the company is trumpeting as the largest news index online.’s News Search indexes 50,000 main stream news sources along with hand picked and human reviewed blogs – covering small town news around the states in a way other news aggregator and search systems cannot.

One interesting feature with News Search Product is its case sensitive search, which makes searching for news on terms like “IT”or “MIT” much easier.

In addition the news trends visualization brings instant definition of the depth behind their index. Searches for Katrina or Hezbollah reveal obvious news oriented peaks where as such natural disaster searches as tornado or flooding reveal the improtance of’s coverage to small town America.

Prior functionality from the existing Search Product has also been maintained, including matching topics, the ability to segregate news and blogs in the results and time stamps of publication dates of the results.

Along with search and niche local and topical news ‘profiles’, has also entered the direction of a dynamic community of local users, giving their audience the ability to comment, review or add additional information to news coverage.

I hope to have more about the new and their new direction troughout the day.

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