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Yahoo Reveals Top Search Trends for Spring 2016

Yahoo recently revealed a list of topics that are expected to be searched most this spring. The company looked at data from last year, as well as searches within recent months, to determine the top trends for search advertisers to keep in the front of their minds this season.

Here are spring 2016’s top search trends, according to Yahoo:

  • DIY: As the weather gets warmer, more people are searching for “how to build” things. Yahoo cites sheds, treehouses, workbenches, decks and raised garden beds as the top items people are looking for how to build.
  • Painting: Searches for painting the inside of one’s home are said to be going up, with phrases like “what paint colors go with…” leading the way.
  • Organization: Searches for organizing one’s closet will be at the forefront of searches this spring.
  • Outdoors: According to Yahoo, this time last year some of the post popular searches were from people looking to buy various types of outdoor equipment and hardware.
  • BBQs: Searches for “grills” tend to go up between March and May.
  • Chairs: Searches for outdoor chairs, specifically “Adirondack chairs”, are up between March and April. According to Yahoo, people searching for those chairs are also 98% more likely to drive a luxury SUV.
  • Allergies: All the way from February to early June there is an increase in searches from people wanting to know “when do seasonal allergies end”.
  • Taxes: With tax season coming up in April, it’s only natural for tax-related searches to go up this time of year. However, the ways in which people are conducting these searches are changing. One in four “tax prep” in 2015 was conducted on a mobile device. In addition, those searched for tax prep tend to be aged 35 and younger with an annual income below $75K.

Yahoo shared this information was shared in an effort to help search marketers refine their content strategies before and during the change of seasons. Get ahead by optimizing for what searchers will be looking for a month or two from now.


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Yahoo Reveals Top Search Trends for Spring 2016

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