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Top 10 Ranking About Us Pages

Here are the top 10 ranking About Us pages in Google right now and a few possible reasons why they are ranking well on search.

Top 10 Ranking About Us Pages

About Us pages are frequently one of the highest viewed areas on a website.

They fuel many of the key assisted and direct goal completions tied to company contact with their audience, plus they land large volumes of organic users on a site when maximized to their true potential.

There is no better company page to focus on when it relates to impacting trust or understanding of your niche positioning within a market, and nurturing brand value, than the under-loved, and often overlooked About Us page.

What follows is a look at the top 10 ranking About Us pages in Google UK, as well as highlight a few of the reasons which may justify their inclusion in this list of top-rank performers.

As an aside, there is a great post on SEJ regarding the top 10 ranking Contact Us pages too, if you wanted to read more into company pages as a practical topic.

Top Ranking About Us Pages Approach

Top 10 Ranking About Us Pages - Google UK

Before getting into the top 10 About Us pages ranking at the time of writing this post, I just wanted to share some clarity on the selection process.

The top 10 ranked sites had to fulfill these four criteria for inclusion:

  • Be an actual About Us page: Many of the content items ranking were aggregate pieces, hence them not appearing here. In most cases, the URL structure would be something along the lines of –
  • Appear in Google UK incognito search top 10: For the desktop search query “About Us” (versus the remaining ~3.3 billion competing results).
  • Load: Be active/live at the point of clicking on the page.
  • Listed in the traditional SERPs: Not any rich results, answer boxes, carousels, or featured snippets.

I also made the decision that sub-domains were fine for inclusion too (case in question

Top 10 Ranking About Us Pages

The remainder of this post shares the top 10 ranking About Us pages, plus some initial thoughts and practical takeaways on each.

1. About Us Page

The highest ranking genuine About Us page.

This provides a clean and simple design with an added focus on their unique story.

As you might expect with top ranking content the site provides a secure (https) protocol and covers the SEO basics of page theme, relevance, and topical positioning through the content and associated metadata.

Established in 2005, the site has supporting trust and authority signals (1 million+ webpages created, 500,000+ customers, high star rating, etc.) helping its positioning in Google.

2. UK About Us page

It is commonplace for large brands to dominate the organic SERPs with broader intent and brand associated search topics including those pertinent to About Us pages.

What does, however, stand out with this 2nd ranking position result is the focus placed on user access to information through segmented intent categories (in this case; Leadership, Careers, Contact, and Social Media).

3. GSK

GSK About Us page

Jam-packed with mixed content types, segmented purposeful content delivery, and interactive content areas (example tabbed content), this About Us page clearly has the goal of incorporating as much audience aware content into the visible retail space as possible – and it works.

4. Totaljobs

Totaljobs About Us page

One of the more traditional and text-based About Us pages making this list, this example has the presumed goal of getting people to the final About Us destination (due to the volume of potential sites, affiliations, and sub-section actions people may be wishing to act on) as quickly as possible.

While this may not have the visual impact or mixed content types available through competing examples, the top of page filtering, and numerous action based text links, likely provide a high engagement signal from the many people expected to land on the page.


Informa About Us page

Visually driven and mobile optimized, this is the most image-driven and mixed content oriented of the top five About Us pages in this ranking list.

The community awareness of the page is something many competing examples would benefit from investing in (notably the audience understanding and reflection of this within the content delivery).

6. Kingfisher

Kingfisher About Us page

Even in spite of the unfriendly URL structure and query string in place (, this page clearly ranks based on the scale of the brand and the external trust signals tied to global sales, consumer base, plus associated metrics.

The incorporation of news widgets provides fresh content to the user every time they visit the page, and there is no shortage of trust and authority promoted.

7. Securitas

securitas About Us page

The primary role of this About Us page is to act as a content hub (or topical cluster) resource with other child pages leading from the main section (for example;

This clustering of topically-related content assists with easy access to information as well as clear topical signals to search engines for context and understanding.

8. Garmin

Garmin About Us page

Leading with video and therefore experiential experience, the value of the page is about getting the user interacting with the brand as soon as possible.

Limited wider value is supplied however, the brand value is easy to digest.

9. Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook About Us page

Playing on the history and trusted company values, this example of an About Us page offers reinforcement of user brand awareness plus added chronological information access.

The overall design feels a little dated, as does the choice of imagery, and traditional text links.

While functional, this site included within the top 10 About Us ranking pages, comes over as one reliant only on brand and business scale above any intended value addition or business approach.

10. Herbert Smith Freehills

Herbert Smith Freehills About Us page

Functional, easy to read and share, and mobile friendly, this About Us page example does all of the basics well, and includes access to recent research and reporting to help leverage the fresh user and search value provided.


As expected the top 10 ranking About Us pages do so with heavy reliance of brand, business scale, and global interest, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

In most cases, there are clear strategic signs that the About Us pages reflect audience wants, needs, as well as the broader intention to create meaningful hubs of value.

When you strip away the perceived “auto-inclusion” of the superbrands, and take a look at the pages included with a higher degree of objectivity, you will start to consider some of the incremental improvements that can be made to other About Us pages (whether your own, or companies that you work with and can influence).

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Top 10 Ranking About Us Pages

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