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Top Podcasting Secrets & Shows for Digital Marketers & Beyond

Podcasting is a great way to reach and engage with your audience. Here's the lowdown on podcasting and the shows digital marketers should pay attention to.


Mic drop.

Podcasting is the new normal in digital marketing.

Experts are calling podcasting modern-day blogging.

With the new decade comes the rise of the digital “audio experience,” and its impact is bigger, better, more purposeful, re-purposeful, useful, and Google-friendly.

Podcasting for Digital Marketing: By the Numbers

Doubling in attendance from the previous year, Podfest March 2020 marked the 6th edition of the annual international event produced by Chris Krimitsos.

It also skated by the pre-pandemic shutdown as one of the last live events of 2020.

Who would have known the podcast community would move to an online-only event a few months later to Podfest Global Summit and set the Guinness World Record for the largest attendance for virtual podcasting.

The Pandemic Impact on Podcasting

“Podcasts helped people dialog in a world where interaction was distanced and helped people talk about mental health,” Krimitsos said. “2020 was the Foundational year podcasts overtook the medium of radio in the eyes of the general user. We will see 2021 emerge as a very important year of growth for many of the new content creators that got started in 2020.”

Today, there are more than 1.5 million podcasts in Spotify alone.

Depending on how you look at that number, half glass full tells us there are less competition and more opportunity in grabbing a headset and hitting the record button.

Here’s the lowdown on podcast audiences.

Podcast Topics & Platforms

With an audience opportunity covering every topic in the universe, from the niches of niches to the broadest of categories, including industry news, trends, and commentary, the choices are endless.

Comedy is one of the most popular genres, followed by education and news. So if you have a personality and have something to teach your audience or report the latest trends, bam!

Your podcasting success path is on its way.

Spotify is the most dominating listening platform for podcasts, owning more than 25% of the market share, followed by Apple, Google, and Pandora, according to Statista.

The Digital Marketing Side of Podcasting

Whether you call it an audio experience, talk show, or podcast, the digital marketing side is not to be missed.

Just like the blog or social media posts, optimizing your podcast is critical for organic exposure.

Search Marketers Get Ready for Tears of Joy 😂

The number one way people most find out about podcasts is by searching!

Not Spotify, not Apple podcasts; it’s Googling the name of the podcast show name or hostname.

If you are a podcast host, why would you want to send that valuable traffic to Spotify or Apple?

All the more reason to have your website for your podcast and optimize to rank number one on Google and own the traffic to your digital domain.

Podcast Digital Marketing & More

While many podcasts have a summary of each episode, it is worth investing the time into optimizing the show summary, a description sometimes referred to as ‘notes’ like you would a typical blog post.

Optimized podcast content helps in attracting attention to the page for current and future retargeting purposes.

A Podcast Marketing & PR Checklist

Follow these tips to make sure you’re producing a quality podcast and that each of your episodes gets the visibility it deserves.

  • Have a dedicated website for your podcast and optimize accordingly.
  • Do keyword research and invest in optimizing episodes like you would a blog post to dominate search results.
  • Have a consistent schedule with themes, topics, and guests planned. Check out a cool tool,, a sneaky platform using machine learning to identify content optimization and SEO opportunities.
  • Use Calendly to block out time each week for interviews and include a list of questions in your calendar invite for guests to fill out.
  • Ask your guests to share the interviews to help promote and get your name out.
  • Launching a podcast or have an iconic guest? Do a press release.
  • Use email lists to promote your podcast, or start building a list from your podcast website.
  • Get sponsors to offset the cost or collaborate in cross-promotions.
  • Use paid ad strategies to boost engagement, brand awareness, and specific episodes to the audiences that matter.
  • Take advantage of all podcast directories, including the big ones (e.g., Spotify, Google Play) and smaller ones (e.g., Stitcher). Remember to reach all audience opportunities; each directory is a new audience opportunity,
  • Attend live events dedicated to podcast SEO, such as the show SEO Saturdays hosted by podcast SEO expert Juergen Berkessel. Submit your podcast to be reviewed live on the show or watch and get tips to apply to your digital podcast marketing. “Using an SEO-based podcast discovery approach and tools such as Topics, I was able to increase podcast website traffic by 351 percent in one week,” Berkessel said.
  • Be a guest on other podcasts and not only get exposure but also build links back to your own website to boost domain authority and reach new audiences. “My goal is to be a guest on five podcasts a week as part of my public relations strategy,” said Nathan Hirsh, founder of Outsource School and previous founder of FreeUp. Imagine the publicity of 500 guest appearances in one year? #goals!
  • Attend virtual and, when possible, in-person conferences to learn from the experts, such as Podfest or Vidfest, where you can also find a podcasting production marketplace and service sources to get you started.
  • Need guests? Check out a free service company to book your guests, such as Interview Valet.
  • Dip your toes into affiliate marketing strategies. Align your podcast with products and services you believe in and tap into passive income while spreading your influence.
  • Read expert books and guides to make the podcasting process as pain-free as possible. Check out Podcast Guest Profits by Tom Schwab or The Podcast Playbook by Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier, co-hosts of Hustle and Flowchart Podcast.
  • Get inspiration from podcasts outside of your vertical and make it your own.
  • Host a podcast as part of our Top of Funnel and brand awareness PR strategy to build leadership and authority.
  • Build your podcast into a community using a Facebook Group or offering advanced level education with webinars, courses, and even VIP masterminds. Check out this Hustle and Flowchart Facebook Community or New York Times Podcast for Bookclubs curates other book club podcast episodes each week for discussion.
  • Claim your podcast listing, set up a feed, discover a new podcast on Podchaser, coined as the IMDb of podcasts.
  • Have a book? Turn it into a real-time version with a podcast.
  • Need a free daily briefing on podcasting sent to your inbox? Subscribe to Podnews.

Digital Marketing Top Voices in Podcasting by Podcasters

Here is a hit list with digital marketers in mind to subscribe to and learn the latest industry insights from mere mortals, rising stars, and legends.

Hustle and Flowchart Co-host and digital marketing entrepreneur Joe Fier picked these as his favorite podcasts:

Business Lunch

Host Roland Frasier invites insanely successful entrepreneurs to share their stories, mindset, and digital marketing strategies, including copywriting, customer experience, and acquisition.


Host and business coach James Schramko talk about living more and working less with a plethora of magnetic topics and advice, including insights from the founder of Copy Chief, tips on LinkedIn ads, link building, and more.

Noah Kagan Presents

Host Noah Kagan invites authors and high profile experts to share advice and highlights all aspects of business, careers, management.

The Mind of George Show

Hosted by best-selling author George Bryant, this podcast covers everything from building, and email marketing list to Instagram hacks to life lessons on productivity, entrepreneurship, and unlocking the power from within.

One of his reviews describes this podcast as. “Straight up Jedi of the digital marketing world that is fighting against the dark side with his lighthouse method.”

Author, Speaker, and Podcast expert Tom Schaub picked these audio experiences for successful insights:

The Marketing Book Podcast

Hosted by stand-up comedian and Madison Avenue ad man Douglass Burdett, this podcast was named by LinkedIn and Forbes as the go-to sales and marketing podcast.

Lochhead on Marketing

Hosted by Christopher Lochhead, who describes himself as I’m a “been there, done that” guy with over 30 years of experience in the trenches of Silicon Valley who likes to drink whisky, smoke pot, and swear.

Recent episodes include topics such as movement marketing, generous marketing, marketing over coffee, and even how to write a book.

Follow Your Different with Christopher Lochhead

Another podcast by Christopher Lochhead with a broader take and more celebration of people, ideas, and companies that stand out – known for his inspiring guests and unique perspectives.

Brand You Podcast with Mike Kim

Closing in on 300 episodes at the time of this article, host Mike Kim is best known for his brand strategy, product launches, and direct response copy; his podcast takes you on a journey on topics ranging from workflows to brand strategy to content marketing.

Chris Krimitsos, Podfest and Vidfest producer named these podcasts to subscribe for digital marketing superpowers.

SEO Podcast: The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

This digital marketing podcast hosted by Chris Burres and Matt Bertram has been on the air since 2009, exceeding 3.6 million downloads.

Recent guests include Google’s Gary Illyes, and topics include YouTube SEO, avoiding negative publicity, and how to target multiple cities with SEO.

“Great and complete show on SEO, something most people are overlooking these days,” said Krimitsos.

The Hustle and Flowchart Podcast

Co-hosts Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier selflessly break the mold of the typical business podcast and let the audience select their journey.

They are catering to digital marketers and entrepreneurs looking for exciting and engaging conversations with actionable takeaways.

Recent guests include E-Myth’s author Michael Gerber.

Topics range from affiliate marketing, public relations, list building, and trends in entrepreneurship.

Podcast Growth Show

Hosted by Juergen Berkessell, this podcast talks more than just podcasting. “Juergen is a marketing architect,” said Krimitsos.

The show covers podcast syndication, content, production, workflows, and more.

More digital marketing and public relations podcasts picks:

Aliza Licht Leave Your Mark

Hosted by best-selling author Aliza Licht, topics include career advice and personal branding with a twist of public relations.

Recent guests share advice on self-less promotion, making an impact, having a side hustle, and creating magnetic content.

Remarkable People

Hosted by the legendary Guy Kawasaki, this podcast promises and delivers interviews with the most remarkable people worldwide, ranging from the Surgeon General to former CEO of Dunkin Doughnuts to Melanie Perkins, the founder, and CEO of Canva.

Marketing Speak

Hosted by Stephan Spencer, this podcast is coined as the marketing podcast’s MBA. Spencer is a three-time author, including The Art of SEO.

The podcast’s recent topics include influencer marketing and how your brand SERPS is your next business card.

The Search Engine Journal Show

Not to be biased, how could we leave off our very own branded podcast.

It features host and SEJ founder Loren Baker talking all things SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and digital marketing with the top industry experts and authorities.

Social PR Secrets

Covering the intersection of public relations, SEO, and social media, I turned my book into a podcast during the first month of lockdown in March 2020.

Recent guests include Rand Fishkin to celebrate the 100th episode, and topics include ecommerce, Facebook ads, project management, public relations hacks, trends, and tips for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes.

‘Alexa, What’s The Future of Podcasting?’

“Watch for Alexa voice-activated skills that help flow new users into a show,” said Krimitsos who is planning 2021 Podfest scheduled for June 1-13 as an in-person event in Orlando, Florida.

“I’m curious to see how the YouTube Playbook works in On-Demand Audio as Spotify is putting it to the test and so far it’s paying off.”

Whether you are a podcast listener, guest, or host, there is a place on the air for everyone to get started or optimize the experience – press play to podcasting for digital marketing.

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Top Podcasting Secrets & Shows for Digital Marketers & Beyond

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