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Top 21 Brands Getting the Most Out of Tumblr

Compared to rivals Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, Tumblr may not be considered the go-to social media site. But, after the company was acquired by Yahoo! for a whooping $1.1 billion in May 2013, Tumblr’s profile got a little boost. And with the popularity of social media, in general, it’s not shocking that brands and their advertisers are getting the most out of every social media format.

Tumblr Is Not Just Social Media

The thing is, Tumblr is more than a social media site. Instead, it’s a microblogging platform that has not been utilized by a majority of brands. Which is unfortunate. There are a lot of perks that should be discovered by more companies.

For starters, Tumblr hosts a smorgasbord of content (text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos) that is easily digestible for users. There’s something for everyone on a Tumblr blog that makes people want to come back for more, whether it’s a GIF or keeping up with current events.

Secondly, there’s a devoted, and growing, fanbase on Tumblr that includes 131.7 million blogs and over 58 billion posts. That’s an impressive amount of prospective clients. Finally, Tumblr is a simple and fun location for communities of people to engage and share and discuss the latest happenings of a brand.

Get The Most Out of Tumblr

If you are employed by a brand, or launching your own company, and are looking for a unique way to push new products onto consumers, Tumblr is a strong recommendation. If you need further proof and examples, check out the following 20 brands using Tumblr the right way.

21. IBM Smarter Planet

 The IBM Smarter Planet Tumblr has been around for a while and was always just a cool place to visit. It’s full of content that illustrates how technology and innovation can make the world a more efficient place to roam.

20. The Standards Hotels

The Standards Hotels Tumblr is an interesting and edgy mix that highlights all of the art, food, fashion, music and events that the boutique hotel has become known for.

19. Glamour

Glamour uses some of its best images to gain the attention of web surfers on Tumblr to drive them back to its official site. An easy enough tactic that works effectively.

18. Keds

Keds features a bright and youthful page to attract customers to the latest products. It’s also perfect for people who also can’t get enough of celebrity endorser Taylor Swift. Which is everyone, right?

17. The New Yorker

By using some their most recent cartoons, quotes or videos, The New Yorker has a sharp-looking Tumblr page that links back to previous articles as well.

16. Vans

Vans brings their audience back to their official site, as well as their Instagram page, by hosting all of their exciting skateboarding and snowboarding events on Tumblr. You might even catch some shoes on the blog too.

15. Life Magazine

Life Magazine is another publication that attracts viewers with their iconic images. There’s also some unpublished outtakes for those of us who are history buffs. Or, just like pretty pictures.

14. Coca-Cola

The soft giant has a fun and lighthearted Tumblr that celebrates the happier moments in life, which somehow also involve a refreshing Coca-Cola.

13. Newsweek & The Daily Beast

 Since Newsweek has been around for over 80 years, the publication utilizes archives, that feature retro covers and ads, to examine current events, which is an interesting view of the news. There’s also Cheat Sheet, the Tumblr companion to The Daily Beast, which hosts gorgeous, high-quality photos.

12. Nabisco

 Unlike most brands on Tumblr that are nameless and faceless besides a logo, Nabisco’s Tumblr features an actual person who posts images from sponsored events, and snacks too.

11. Sesame Street

You might be too old to watch Sesame Street, unless you have kids, but this is a great Tumblr with vintage clips, animated GIFs and press appearances for people of all ages.

10. Ann Taylor

 A simple white background with a magazine layout makes the Ann Taylor Tumblr stand out with it’s basic, yet stylish, design. There’s some content on the blog as well, such as a Style Builder and lots of galleries.

9. Stussy

Legendary street wear brand Stussy utilizes Tumblr to push new products and sell items by using retro-inspired photographs that eye-catching enough to get the attention of people passing through.

8. Lexus

A sleek, simple black and white layout  make the luxury vehicle Lexus seem even more desirable and classy. How can that be?

7. Comedy Central

Comedy Central was one of the first entertainment brands to embrace Tumblr. And, since the network is home to South Park, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and Tosh.0, you can get your daily laugh fix via humours GIFS and updates.

6. Calvin Klein

A sharp, yet minimalist and effective, Tumblr that showcases fashion shoots and models – in the fashion label’s underwear, obviously – that help to continue to build CK as an iconic brand.

5. GQ

GQ is yet another publication that uses Tumblr to promote digital content via images. There’s also other short-form content and links to GQ’s official site and other social media mediums. Best of all, it’s just a clean and easy to navigate blog.

4. J. Crew

The quirky posts by J. Crew’s employees prove that they love the brand, which is refreshing when so many people can’t stand their jobs. The J. Crew Tumblr is also full book suggestions, interviews,”this week’s discovery,” and archival pictures. That’s enough to keep even the most of short-attention span people on the blog.

3. Target

A very nice clean and simple Tumblr that pushes products available at Target. Don’t know about you, but we’re ready to do some shopping…

2.  Whole Foods

Is it weird to describe a Tumblr blog as attractive? Maybe. But, that’s the perfect word to describe Whole Foods Tumblr. Besides pushing what the store has on shelves, there are also posts featuring recipes or content from other sites so that there’s a plethora of material to inspect.

1. Adidas Originals

A smooth and interactive Tumblr that highlights the products that the sportswear giant currently has available. Overall, this is a beautiful Tumblr that has a lot of features to explore, but most importantly, links customers back to the brand’s e-commerce site when they’re ready to enter their credit card numbers.



Featured Image: Deposit Photos

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Top 21 Brands Getting the Most Out of Tumblr

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