Top 20 Twitter Posts of 2008

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2008 proved to a historic year for Twitter both in adoption through the sheer number of twitter users signing up to the services, but also as evidenced by many influencers writing about using Twitter for PR, Social Media, Branding and other such purposes. With such an influx of great information, it often becomes difficult to distill signal from noise. This round up of the Top 20 Twitter Posts of 2008 provides another valuable meta-list to bookmark and refer back to, as Twitter continues to grow exponentially in 2009.

20. Twitter in Plain English – A video by the well respected guys as Common Craft that explains the nature and application of Twitter effortlessly in just under 2 1/2 minutes.

19. Why You Need To Be Looking At Twitter– Twist Image writes about the gaining clout of Twitter, especially due to adoption by the governments, corporations, and top brands.

18.Top 10 Uses of Twitter – Top Rank talks about 10 uses for Twitter beyond just as micro-blogging service.

17. 15 Twittery Things For Your Holiday Enjoyment – MakeUseOf tally’s up some of the year’s more interesting Twitter tools, including one’s that measure your sphere of influence and help you find new friends and followers.

16. Three Ways to Maximize Your Twitter Time for Networking, Marketing and Fun – Copyblogger breaks it down on using Twitter as a networking and marketing tool.

15. How Twitter Made My Website Better– Guy Kawasaki explains the added value of Twitter in making his blog better.

14.Using Twitter for Customer Service – Comcast, JetBlue, Zappos and other well known brands use Twitter as a customer service tool. Find out why you should too.

13. Should Analysts use Twitter?– Jeremiah Owyang covers the use of Twitter for research analysts.

12. Corporate Twitter Accounts and Online Reputation – Social Media Today covers some best practices for creating and maintaining corporate Twitter accounts.

11. 16 Examples of Huge Brands Using Twiter for Business – Search Engine Journal covers 16 of the biggest brands and their use of Twitter to connect with customers and as a PR tool. Dell anyone?

10. How Twitter Can Help at Work– Traditional media heavyweight the New York Times weighs in on how Twitter can help at work.

09. Newbies Guide to Twitter -Feeling lost on how to start ‘tweeting’ with Twitter? Chris Brogan offers a simplistic zen guide to engaging friends and followers on Twitter.

08. Twitter and personal branding: The BIG mistake I see people make every single day – Web Ink Now covers personal branding mistakes commonly observed on Twitter and how to avoid them.

07. The Role of Twitter in Brand Management – Conversation Agent offers up valuable opinions on how Twitter is a powerful brand management and PR tool.

05. How ReTweets Spread – Dan Zarella’s research analyzes the viral effect of the retweet.

04. The Five Stages of Twitter Acceptance – Rohit Bhargava leads us through the process of denial, presence, dumpin, conversion, presence, dumping, conversing, and microblogging.

03. The Elevator Pitch Hits Twitter – Read Write Web writes about how Twitter is being as a tool for elevator pitches. After all, having a 140 character limit forces you to be as succinct as possible.

02. How to Use Twitter as a Twool – Guy Kawasaki tells us to forget the influentials and focus on reaching a critical mass of Twitfluence instead.

01. 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business – So Twitter’s great but how can I use it for my business? Chris Brogan provides 50 actionable ideas on using Twitter for business.

Dev Basu is a regular contributor to Search Engine Journal. He owns Powered by Search, a full service internet marketing agency located in Toronto, Canada; and blogs about online marketing for small businesses, search marketing, and all matters in local seo and social media. Catch up with him at his blog, twitter, or connect on Linkedin. Ideas for this list were also contributed by Nathan Ketsdever, who runs Creative Fusion Media, a Nashville SEO and Social Media agency.

Dev Basu
Dev Basu is the founder of Powered by Search, a Toronto SEO and digital marketing agency. He helps companies like Re/Max, FedEx, Allstate, Valvoline, and... Read Full Bio
Dev Basu
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  • JustinSMV

    Dev this is an excellent round up of Twitter Posts in 2008. Will bookmark to read further! (Sphunn/Dugg)

  • Beverly Macy

    Love the recap – just posted on Teaching Social Media at UCLA blog

  • Zach Heller

    Great roundup, some of those posts were terrific and extremely valuable for me professionally. Did you see my Twitter post?

  • Jonathan Bentz

    If I might add another Twitter post that possibly might have been overlooked, it would have to be the Twitter Rockstar series David Brown published on our blog.

  • Nicholas Chase


    Thank you for providing a common location for this information.

    Twitter has provided me with the ability to interface with contacts like Guy Kawasaki and Sir Richard Branson, Chris Brogan, and Laura Fitton, Robert Scoble and Doc Searls, Rohit Bhargava and many influential thought leadsers in the Web 3.0 space.


    Nicholas Chase

  • Gail Nelson

    Nice job of researching and rounding all of this up into one place. Thank you!

  • Jonathan “Not the cookie ladie’s son” Fields

    Great list, Dev!

    Would love to add this post that revealed what happens when a mega-co like Jetblue jumps into twitter…

  • Betsy Brottlund

    I wish everyone would read the newbies guide before twittering.

    Nice round-up. Thanks for the work.

  • Scott

    Was I the only one hoping that these were the top 20 tweets (not blog posts about Twitter) of 2008?

    Nice job pulling the list together either way!


  • Michael Gass


    A great list to bookmark. I remember reading some of these but you have made some excellent additions. Thanks for taking time to share them.

  • Eric from springleap

    Great list but i’ll guess we’ll have to try harder next year. I was sure that a number of comments we made on our twitter account would have made the Top X lists.

  • @tommy_landry

    Great list of posts. I hadn’t seen them all, but I will now.

  • HighTechDad

    This is an awesome list. I’m an avid biz and personal twitter user myself and that is part of the reason I wrote this post on “Using Twitter is like Fishing” – link to post

    Need to re-read some of those articles. Thanks for the list.


  • andy

    Some great reads here. However your are only looking at the postive reviews of Twitter. How about some godo posts on the limitations of twitter, particularly from a monetization perspective ( ). I am an active user or Twitter and from a brand/presence perspective it has good potential, but it will face a lot of competition from other social media sites like facebook etc.

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Awesome list Dev! I highly encourage all readers to Retweet this post and also share Twitter oriented posts you feel should be added to the list here in the comments πŸ™‚

  • Robyn Levin

    Well done Dev! This is perfect content to share and Tweet about and I will. Thanks.

    While guest teaching at Wharton, I talked about Twitter to the MBA class. The reaction from 1 student was, “Twitter gives me a headache.” He then discovered all the various ways to use Twitter in business & networking. He experienced #4: The Five Stages of Twitter Acceptance –

  • Mark Ramskill

    A well though out and interesting list Dev. I’ve linked to it on Twitter.

    All the best to you and the Search Engine Journal team for 2009.


  • Friedbeef

    Thank you for assembling this – extremely useful, as I have just started twittering as well –

  • Dipali

    Hi Dev,

    Thanks for sharing stunned post. Its very useful collection of all post at one place. “Corporate Twitter Accounts and Online Reputation” its to good post.

  • Al-Kanz


    Thanks for sharing.

  • StalkerB

    I was hoping for Tweets too πŸ™

    Here’s my personal top 5

    I wonder what the turning circle of a pigeon is.
    4:54 AM May 15th from txt

    Nothing says party like a side ponytail!
    1:08 PM Sep 21st from txt

    I just used Google trends to compare Ja Rule and Sisqo. What did you do today?!
    7:05 AM Sep 22nd from web

    There’s a reason picking your nose after touching chillis is bad :'( 3:38 PM Sep 29th from web

    Punctuation should definitely be seperate from the letters themselves. ÁáÀàĂăẮắẰằẴẵẲẳÂâẤấẦầẪẫẨẩǍǎÅåǺǻÄäǞǟÃãȦȧǠǡĄąĀāẢảȀȁȂȃẠạẶặẬậḀḁȺⱥᶏⱯɐⱭɑ…
    8:12 AM Nov 10th from web

    I need to Tweet more.

  • L.A.H.

    Why does a list of the great 2008 posts have to reach back to 2007 posts?
    15. How Twitter Made My Website Better – says Kawasaki posted it in October 07.

  • Dev Basu

    Thank you all for your wonderful feedback and comments! Finding the best tweets of Twitter is a like finding a needle in a haystack, and even then it’d be much more subjective than an actionable resource list such as this one. Apologies for the occasional slip into an 07 post – it was not intended but I hope you find those to be as good of a resource as the one’s in 2008. Happy New Year everyone!

  • CT Moore

    You forgot Loren Feldman’s awesome Twitter review:

  • David Armano

    This is a great resource! Just wanted to point out that you have the Conversation Agent link pointing to one of my posts on Guidelines for Brands using Twitter Vs. Going to Valeria’s post.

    Either way, I’m glad my content somehow ended up here, but I’d like to make sure that Valeria gets the link if that was the intent.

    That said, if you Google “brands on Twitter” my post is the number 2 result. Been a big fan of Twitter for several years.

    Thanks for this useful aggregation of links.

  • Torley

    I’d like to see the top tweets of ’08! Terse and fun, I’m sure. πŸ™‚

  • lab209

    You can visit my site to read a list of Twitter related tools.

  • Chris

    Nice article. I started out with Twitter a few months ago and I’m starting to get the hang of it.

  • dew

    I HATE tweets that just post what someone’s last blog was. I’m probably already subbed to their blog if I’m following them, so the double announcement seems desperate to me. At least tweet something interesting in between (and please not the “I’m bored” tweets).

    And I promptly unfollow any magpie tweets.

  • Eamon

    Readers might be interested in my list for Top 75 Blog Posts on Twitter (and using Twitter for a marketing strategy)

  • kenekaplan

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