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Time Warner and SpotRunner : AdWords for Television

Time Warner and SpotRunner : AdWords for Television

Google has stuck their fingers in print media and radio, trying to integrate the AdWords format of auctioning off targeted direct response advertising spots to the most relevant and/or highest paying bidders – but now Time Warner Cable is claiming their stake in the big money traditional advertising market : Television.

Time Warner has announced that they are in discussions to create an auction for ad spots which will be shown on video-on-demand channels. The ad spots will be sold to advertisers with the ability to target viewers who have specific viewing patterns:

From Reuters : For instance, automobile manufacturers or car dealerships could bid to put their ads on the television screens of viewers who spend a lot of time watching the Speed Channel.

“We can start doing what Google does — auctioning off spots,” Time Warner Cable Chief Executive Glenn Britt told Reuters in an interview at the cable industry’s annual convention in Atlanta.

“We have the ability, using our set tops and new software we’re putting in, to begin targeting advertising,” Britt said at the show sponsored by the National Cable and Telecommunications Association. “We’re actively looking at this.”

If you’re looking to purchase affordable television advertising and don’t have the time or patience to wait around for Time Warner’s behavioral targeted V-O-D solution and want to target consumers while they’re watching their favorite shows or trying to find the remote during the commercial break, Spotrunner is a “Google AdWords for TV” service which is in the here and now.

Spotrunner allows advertisers to produce and purchase airtime on premium and geographically targeted networks for as little as $500.

“Advertisers can buy time on major networks, including local broadcast and cable channels such as CNN, Bravo, ESPN and HGTV. Spot Runner has relationships with media outlets in every state, so it can place ads for customers anywhere in the country.

Once the client approves the ad and media plan, Spot Runner takes care of all the details and launches the campaign on TV. After the ads have run, clients receive easy-to understand reports that show exactly where and when the commercials ran and provide details about the viewing audience.”

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Time Warner and SpotRunner : AdWords for Television

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