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TikTok Q&A Launches in Video Comment Sections

TikTok Q&A launches as a new way for creators to keep their audience engaged.

TikTok is introducing a new way for creators to engage their followers with the launch of ‘Q&A’ in comments sections.

TikTok Q&A allows users to highlight their comments when they contain a question for the creator.

When leaving a comment, users can designate it as a Q&A by tapping the question mark icon in the bottom right corner.

Leaving a Q&A comment will add a label indicating it contains a question for the creator.

Creators can then identify questions by looking for the label when scanning through comments, and then leave a reply for everyone to see.

Questions can be responded to with either a text comment or a video reply. If replying with a video, the Q&A comment will be added as a sticker. The video reply will link back to the original video.

There are two ways for creators to reply to a Q&A comment. They can either answer directly in their comments section as they normally would, or they can leave a reply from their Q&A inbox.

The new Q&A inbox, which aggregates all submitted questions, is accessible from creators’ profile bios. Creators can quickly reply from the Q&A inbox by tapping the “Answer” button.

Users can view a creator’s Q&A page from the link in their bio to browse through all previously answered questions. New questions can be submitted from the Q&A page as well.

Q&A comments can also be submitted to creators during live streams. Creators can quickly see Q&A questions in their stream chats from a separate panel.

Video Q&A features are now available to users with creator accounts.

If you don’t currently have a creator account, you can switch to one by selecting “Manage account” in settings and choosing the “Switch to Creator Account” option.

To turn on Q&A:

  • Go to your settings and privacy page
  • Select Creator
  • Tap Q&A
  • Select the “Turn on Q&A” button to activate the feature

If you don’t see an option to turn on this feature, make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of TikTok.

Source: TikTok Newsroom

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TikTok Q&A Launches in Video Comment Sections

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