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TikTok is Letting Creators Sell Merch Through the App

TikTok partners with Teespring allowing fans to buy creators’ merchandise without leaving the app.

TikTok is launching a partnership with Teespring that will allow creators to sell merchandise through the app for the first time.

The integration is said to be rolling out soon. At this time all that’s available is a landing page where people can sign up to be notified when the feature is launched.

The Verge received additional details from Teespring’s CEO, and apparently this integration is currently being tested in a private beta with as many as 7,000 users.

Chris Lamontagne, Teespring CEO, tells The Verge:

“[The integration will allow] creators to create their own products on Teespring, push it directly to TikTok, and then have fans be able to buy products directly through TikTok.”

Some of the finer details are still being worked on, such as how the the merchandising shelf will appear in TikTok videos.

Ultimately, TikTok wants to create an entire shopping experience within the app.

Teespring is also trying to figure out which TikTok creators will be eligible to take advantage of the integration when it rolls out more widely.

Anyone is able to create and sell merchandise through Teespring, but it sounds like the in-app merch stores will be exclusive to some degree.

More About Teespring

Many TikTok creators are already selling merchandise through Teespring, so a partnership between the two companies feels like a natural fit.

Teespring is among the top platforms for creators of all kinds to sell merchandise to fans, not just TikTok creators.

It’s used by YouTubers, Twitch streamers, Instagrammers, Podcasters, and more.

In fact, partnerships already exist between Teespring and sites like YouTube and Twitch.

Similar to the TikTok partnership, the integrations with YouTube and Twitch allow users to buy merchandise without going off-site.

Teespring is a creator-friendly platform in the sense that all products are made-to-order and shipped from Teespring’s warehouse.

That means creators aren’t at risk of wasting money to print merchandise which may or may not get sold.

The only overhead cost for creators are the seller’s fees associated with using Teespring’s platform.

Again, those fees are only paid when an item is sold. So seller’s fees can be factored into the cost of products.

Despite the name, Teespring is not limited to selling t-shirts.

Creators can utilize their own custom designs and apply them to products such as:

  • Apparel
  • Home decor
  • Socks
  • Phone cases
  • Bags
  • Mugs
  • Other accessories

Lamontagne tells The Verge that TikTok creators will have opportunities to sell unique merch outside of what the company usually offers.

“[They’ll be able to create and design] from a choice of 180 different products as well as the opportunity to create bespoke products which are completely unique to them.”

Lamontagne goes on to say that Teespring may even get involved in the sale of digital goods at some point.

“We believe, based on the current trend, that non-apparel items will be outselling apparel by this time next year.

Layering in really smart commerce opportunities is key, so it could be physical merchandise or it could be something more digital.”

The integration between TikTok and Teespring is said to roll out sometime in the month of September.

Sources: The Verge, TikTok

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TikTok is Letting Creators Sell Merch Through the App

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