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TikTok Begins Letting Some Users Add Website Links in Profiles

TikTok appears to be testing the ability for users to include direct website links in their profiles.

This was spotted by a user who shared the following screenshot on Twitter:

He also shared a screenshot from the ‘Edit profile’ screen, which appears to let users add any URL they wish.

Adding website URLs to profiles is a relatively standard feature across social media, but it has been strangely absent from TikTok up to this point.

Not all TikTok users have the ability to add URLs in their profiles at the time of this writing, though it’s likely it will be rolling out to more people eventually.

That’s good news, as it offers businesses an opportunity to drive website traffic from TikTok. That may, in turn, encourage more businesses to sign up to TikTok and use it as a marketing tool.

Currently, TikTok’s primary user base is younger people. Catering to such a limited demographic is reportedly causing TikTok’s growth to slow down.

Now, TikTok must rise to the challenge of broadening its appeal to wider group of users. Attracting more businesses to the platform is also key to TikTok growing its profitability.

Introducing website links in profiles is arguably a bare minimum feature that TikTok should be offering users at this point. Time will tell of other useful feature, such as this one, are on the way.

Source: Twitter

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TikTok Begins Letting Some Users Add Website Links in Profiles

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