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Through the Looking Glass: Dell’s 3G Enabled Google Tab

Dell already has some solid Android tablet options available. While not all of them are doing equally well, it’s almost a sure bet that we’ll see an increase in success for these tablets over the next few months. Why? For one, the unlocked Dell Streak is going to drop down to about $400 (that’s roughly a $200 discount, for those not keeping track) in January. Two? They’re launching all kinds of new advertising campaigns. And third, and most importantly, the FCC just approved Dell’s latest device — which has built-in 3G.

It’s not exactly a new bit of technology for the tablet market, but it’s certainly a step up for Dell, and it may just be enough to make them really competitive. According to a report from Engadget, we should be seeing this new generation of Dell tablet, code-named “Looking Glass,” at CES in January. It’s packed with all kinds of juicy features, including the aforementioned built-in 3G, Bluetooth 2.1, 802.11n WiFi, Tegra 2 internal hardware, a snazzy seven inch screen, an SD card slot, and what looks to be a proximity sensor.

Of course, almost all of this is just rumor, speculation, and what people have been able to gather from the publicly available cover picture on the FCC approval for the device. Even if we don’t see the full thing at CES, though, we’ll get the details soon enough; a storyboard for an Android advertisement featuring the new device was leaked, which will showcase all the things the Android device can do, alongside the new “You can tell it’s Dell” campaign slogan. In these advertisements, the Looking Glass is referred to as the Streak 7, but there’s always a chance that they may revert to the much cooler Alice in Wonderland reference.

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Through the Looking Glass:  Dell’s 3G Enabled Google Tab

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