Three Pages from the Same Domain in Google SERPs?

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Andy Beal tweeted yesterday how he saw an interesting find. Google displaying THREE subpages in the SERPs. For as long as I can recall, Google had a rule that they wouldn’t ever display more than two pages out of fairness.

So when I read Andy’s tweet, I went right to Google and sure enough, I found the same thing. but only when I put in a brand along with an additional keyword.


I haven’t been able to replicate this with any generic phrases after several attempts, only when it’s with a brand. If that’s the case, will this lead to another uproar about unfair treatment of brands over other sites? Or is it a portent to an expansion of results to non-brand sites? And if so, what will the criteria be then?

Rob Enriquez then chimed in on Twitter that he saw this back in October, for a city hall search. Wow. October? Where’s the buzz in our industry on this?

With what seems to now be rapid-fire changes to the results, (most recently the site hierarchy update) it’s a whole new ballgame for SEO. Snippets, Breadcrumbs, Microformats, and now this, as yet to be announced or fully understood triple hit in the SERPs for brands.

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Alan Bleiweiss
Alan Bleiweiss is a Forensic SEO audit consultant with audit client sites consisting of upwards of 50 million pages and tens of millions of visitors a month. A noted industry speaker, author and blogger, his posts are quite often as much controversial as they are thought provoking.
Alan Bleiweiss
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  • Erika
    • Peter

      Wow! Came across the article on a random search. It’s good to see how things were back in 2009 and if we compare the changes in Google today. A lot has happenned since 😀

  • EssexSEO

    I achieved this with DR Adepts website and a couple of other clients about a year ago, but I don’t know how I did it, or why it happened.

    All of the above are not brands.

    Although I have not seen it for a couple of months, maybe it was something Google was doing at that time?

  • David

    I have seen this a few times for random searches, so can’t think of an exact query… I have noticed that it is usually a very highly optimised/traffic domain that shows the 3 results as PizzaHut is shown in the screenshot example.

    The problem would be if this was expanded as a number of online brands are very close to generic terms, so would it be best for the user if this 3 result showed for “Pizza Coupons?”

  • David M

    I have seen this on a UK search for cheap flights to new york, with 3 results from

    Looks like 3 very targets URL’s are being returned each with search term (or element thereof) in there

  • Alan Bleiweiss

    EssexSEO, David,

    Thanks for the comments. Yeah it’s just a mystery at this point. I’m doing what I can to dig for an answer. This gives more weight to one site than ever. I expanded on this reality on my own blog today – about the cumulative effects of all the new things Google is doing on their home page.

  • BonsaiJon

    I have noticed that it is happening on a lot of domain searches. Like if I search for any of my domains such as, etc it shows a tripple listing. I have an example here

  • berto

    It looks like Google is picking up on Trademarks and other similarly unique terms in a way that is similar to it’s other structured search types ( Seeing more than one sub-result goes hand in hand with full page dominated by results from the same domain and company. Ex: “sun microsystems java”

    It seems as though certain search results being done one way are more relevant than doing them by one set of rules all the time.

  • Tony Stocco

    I’ve only seen this once – if you search “minneapolis depot” in Google, you’ll see the top listing with site links. Just below that, you’ll see the #2 listing is the same domain, but a 2nd level folder / page.

  • JR Chew

    All of my (2) sites do this 😉

    Here are some of the details of my SEO.

    I am very involved with the Google Webmaster site. I use a manually generated .txt sitemap. Each site has 8-10 years of domain age on it’s side. Meta keywords and descriptions on all pages. Between 25-30 pages per site. Before the major re-design we had “sitelinks”. I’ve got a long list of 301 redirects for new pages. 500-600 backlinks, w/ 230-40 for a very specific page.

    Hope this helps!

  • Dana Lookadoo

    Alan, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I missed Andy’s observation and have not personally seen this other than just now testing. Yes, got the same 3 results you demonstrated.

    Agreed, “it’s a whole new ballgame for SEO!” Well said! Looking to you to update this post as you uncover more for us, Sherlock!

  • David
  • Alan Bleiweiss

    it seems to not just be brands. Myself and others have seen it for some city hall listings in different municipalities, and other inconsistent applications lacking rhyme or reason, except some aspect of SEO, I suppose.

  • Kevin Pike has 3 for “oprah sauna”

  • Rhian

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this before a couple of times for unbranded phrases but when I looked this one up what struck me was the paid advert I get at the top that includes 5 different links. That I’ve definately never seen before.