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Threadwatch Community is Changing Hands

Threadwatch Community is Changing Hands

Just a quick post that upon reading Threadwatch this morning I learned that Nick Wilson is leaving Threadwatch to concentrate on his Performancing blog project. Nick has been editing Threadwatch now for 14 months and seeing him, well, his slant on happenings around the web and search, leave was at first a bit of a downer. However, knowing that Nick will be concentrating on the Performancing project with Patrick Gavin and a handfull of professional bloggers is quite refreshing.

Nick posts on TW :

I’m a little excited, and a lot sorry to say that I will be leaving Threadwatch today. There has been lots of umming and ahhing on my part as I’ve struggled to work out my time and commitments, but the final result is that as of today, right now, I no longer own, or administer Threadwatch.

My commitments to Performancing, the company Patrick Gavin and I have set up are getting bigger by the day. Organizing writers, developers, the introduction of a new PR company to the team and all that that entails and a whole bunch of other stuff mean that I now have to commit to that full-time if we want to get where we want to go with it.

The Good News is, that TW will not be put out to pasture. Aaron Wall of SEOBook has kindly agreed to take over Threadwatch and will begin that task as of today.

What’s this? Aaron Wall is the new owner and editor of Threadwatch!?! Well then, I’m not too sad to see Nick go 🙂

Best to both of you Nick and Aaron on your new projects & directions.

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Threadwatch Community is Changing Hands

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