This Week in Search: Blogging Outreach

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This week in search we talk about everything to deal Blogging Outreach and what you should be doing when contacting bloggers.  We try and cover everything in the blogging niche, outreach and how to deal with some of the Post Penguin 2.0 topics that have been submitted over the past week!

We also go over blogging outreach practices and how they can help or hurt SEO.  Enjoy

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John Rampton
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John Rampton
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  • Kristina

    Great advice for reaching out to bloggers, like the idea of going to conferences and speaking to the press and media there! Do you have any advice for emailing bloggers that are not in your industry, but that you could offer unique search trends and insights to their industry, as an SEO expert? So we’re looking to offer insights to their relevant topics, that they could then use as a source / information for a posting on their site.

    How would you approach pitching something like, “We have been doing some research into recent local search trends. ”
    “We came across a few interesting insights when researching the most searched for (their topic of interest sports team, food trends, whatever) in (local city) and discovered that there is an increase in search traffic for (their topics) . As the expert in this area, whats your thoughts? Do these trends reflect your insights?”