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The Three Best Digg Extensions for Google Chrome

The Three Best Digg Extensions for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is getting more SEO- and social-media-friendly browser day by day. Today I am sharing three Google Chrome extension for active Digg users:

1. Digg for Chrome

Digg for Chrome is the official Digg extension for Chrome that works similar to the Diggbar allowing you to:

  • See the Digg count for the current page;
  • Quickly access the story comments on Digg;
  • Easily Digg the current story;
  • Load any random story from Digg:

Digg for Chrome

2. Social Counter

Social Counter adds a tiny button that displays the overall number of votes across social media sites:

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  • Digg;
  • Twitter;
  • Delicious.

Click on the button to see the exact number of votes for each of the networks:

Social counter

If you only need Digg count, you can disable the other two networks by right-clicking on the button and selecting options.

3. The Digg Reader

The Digg Reader lets you easily check top, front page, and upcoming stories from Digg without having to visit the page:

  • Easy to use interface
  • View front page, top, or upcoming stories
  • Customize what you want to see and where it links to.

Digg reader

You can also do a quick story search through the gadget faster than on the website.

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Digg search

A similar but much poorer in functionality extension: Digg Content Viewer


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