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The Power of Analytics: An Interview with Annie Cushing

The Power of Analytics: An Interview with Annie Cushing

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Everybody loves analytics, but not a lot of people really understand how powerful it is. Annie Cushing, the ultimate go-to person about analytics, and also the Founder of Annielytics, sat down with Brent Csutoras, Chief Social Media Strategist at SEJ, to talk about analytics.

Here are some key takeaways from the interview:

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  • In 2013, Google released the Channels report to clean up the mediums to pull everything together. It’s under acquisition > all traffic > channels. It is the best report because you can drill down from there. It took the mediums that when you tag ‘UTM_medium’ as ‘social media’, then Google is going to put it in a bucket called social.
  • People mess up campaign tagging. Channels report organizes, and allows you to dig deeper, and drill down the different channels.
  • If you click social channel, instead of drilling down to source/medium, it takes you to the social network dimension. It pulls together all of your social media networks.
  • The source/medium report also doesn’t separate social and non-social referrals. They get grouped together under the referrals. If you get into the channels report, it separates social and non-social referrals which is the way it should be.

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