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The Non-Profits Pubcon’s Brett Tabke Supports

I contacted Brett Tabke, founder of Pubcon and WebMasterWorld, to find out if there was a specific non-profit he volunteers his time with. He doesn’t focus on just one charity/non-profit, but several. There are some organizations he gives his personal time to and some are supported by Pubcon.

“I do consulting for a couple of local related charities.

At Pubcon, we have named a charity for the conference almost every year since the year after Katrina. We were in New Orleans for Pubcon 3 weeks before Katrina. There were many people we got to know very well at the conference hotel who were lost and many who lost family.  We really wanted to help in some way and remind people that we all were touched by that tragedy.

This year we are raising money for the American Cancer Society again as several employees, and speakers have recently lost someone to cancer.  There will be several opportunities at Pubcon to donate and we will match those donations up to $10k.

Lastly, I give hundreds of hours a year to my church to manage their website. We are right now planning a rebuild of that website. It has been fascinating to watch and be part of a volunteer organization.  It is amazing to see some things get done at light-speed and others not done at all – such is life in a volunteer org.”

If you are attending Pubcon this year in Las Vegas, Oct. 15-19, you will also have an opportunity to support the American Cancer Society. Remember, every contribution helps!

As Brett said many of us care about someone that has dealt with or has lost a fight to cancer. The American Cancer Society helps so many and offers many support services, such as:

You can learn more about the American Cancer Society with the following links.

Some Other Charities Pubcon Has Supported:

On A Personal Note

My mother has lived through cancer four different times and my lovely friend Marty Weintraub kicked its butt as well. In fact, both Marty and my mother had the same type of cancer. I want Brett Tabke and Pubcon to know that I personally appreciate and deeply respect their effort to raise awareness the last two years.



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The Non-Profits Pubcon’s Brett Tabke Supports

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