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The New Google Apps Highlights

The New Google Apps Highlights

There’s little doubt, with so many new competitors entering the cloud-based productivity scene, that Google — arguably the company that popularized the concept — must remain innovative if it wants to survive.  With full programs being released that match Google tit-for-tat and introduce their own new features, it’s unsurprising that the team has been motivated to release new features on a regular basis. Here’s a recap of some of their most recent additions.

According to the official Google Blog post, six important new features have been introduced over the last few weeks.  They are:

  1. An improved revision history tool in Google Docs spreadsheets. In addition to being able to look back at change, you can see which collaborator made them and take a look at a cell-by-cell change history.
  2. A Google Docs video player. Google Docs is also being used as the “cloud storage” medium for Google Apps users, and now shared videos can be played directly in Google Docs.
  3. Limited email accounts. Groups who want to provide only limited messaging options — including restrictions on which outside users can interact with a given account — can now do so through “walled garden” accounts.
  4. DKIM digital signing. This allows messages sent to be verified as authentically originating from the “sent from” domain, meaning that Google Apps for non-Gmail domains are less likely to be caught in spam filters.
  5. Chrome Deployment for Organizations. In a push to be viable as a business browser, Google released an IT deployment utility for Chrome.
  6. Improved data migration. Google has released new tools that let users of Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, or just about any other IMAP system easily move their data — including contacts and calendars — into their Google App account.

Google updates their features nearly constantly, and by-the-moment updates can be found on the Google Apps blog.

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The New Google Apps Highlights

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