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The Link Building Rap : Hip Hop Meets SEO

Today has been a big linking day, between two posts here at Search Engine Journal on link building and blog comment links leading to some intense discussions.

I was running down the Google blended search results for the term “link building” and came across this video which capped of the perfect day, it’s the Link Building 101 Rap by some guy named Chuck, the Poetic Prophet from Pop Labs (here’s your link Chuck Sizzle)!

You create a new site and its content heavy,
With the right amount of pictures you believe it’s ready,
So you launch it trying to put money in da bank,
But when you search and try to find yourself, you can’t,
So you thank until your mind goes blank,
Got titles and headers but no page rank,
Sooner or later it will show if I wait,
In the meantime make sure my code validate,
And it do,
Hmm, now what I’m supposed to do,
Add meta information and alt tags too,
Still don’t get listing,
Something must be missing,
Brad and Chuck recommended doing link building,
So you start hunting down sites like a predator,
Doing back links on all your competitors,
Whoever linking to them need to link to me,
Is it free, do we swap, or do I pay a fee,
Well take it from us, before you take that step,
Some things about the site that you might want to check,
Did they use a link farm or some dirty tactics,
Could have a bad effect on your site that’s drastic,
Could’ve link baited, look at what they created,
Compare it to yours, is it even related,
Take the time, go inspect and see,
Take advantage of paid directories,
If you follow all the steps with a little bit of patience,
Get links from relevant sites that are favorites,
Update your content on the regular basis,
I’m confident you’ll make it to first page placement

Chuck; aka the Poetic Prophet has more search marketing raps on his YouTube Mo Serious channel. Check it.

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The Link Building Rap : Hip Hop Meets SEO

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