The Keys to Content Marketing Improving Search Rankings

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There is a lot of debate about how creating content can help a website improve its search rankings. While some would like you to believe the “if you build it, they will come” theory, most realize that isn’t going to be the case. I could write the greatest blog post EVER tomorrow and it never see one single visitor.

So the question is, how does content equate to improved search rankings? The answer is through optimization and promotion of that content!

Content Optimization

Once you have developed a great piece of link-worthy content, whether it is a video, infographic, presentation, whitepaper, or simply an awesome blog post, there are a few things you need to take care of before you start promoting.

Craft a Compelling, SEO Friendly Title

The title of the page your content is placed upon your site is going to be powerful. It is what search engine visitors will see first when the page comes up in search results, and it is what social media users will see when the page is shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Hence, you will want the 60 character title of your content’s page to include your main keywords but also be something that makes someone want to click on it. So if it’s an infographic on content marketing strategies, you wouldn’t want it to be just Content Marketing Strategies but Content Marketing Strategies You Need to Implement Today.

Write a Strong Meta Description

I know there’s confusion about whether the meta description helps with rankings, but I want you to ignore that for the time being. Meta descriptions do not only show up in search results – they are usually what social networks pick up when people are sharing your content page.

Hence, you will want to create an extended version of your title – this time you are looking to write 160 characters that convince people why they would want to visit your content.

Add Image Tags (If Applicable)

If your content includes images (especially infographics), be sure to name the file with the main keywords (content-marketing-startegy.jpg) and use the appropriate ALT and TITLE tags including keywords so your content can be found through image search as well.

Promoting Your Content

If you want to think in link builders terms, consider promoting your content as sending informal link requests throughout the social media and blogging world via status updates, retweets, blog commenting, and so forth. The more exposure your content gets, the more likely someone might see it, think it’s valuable, and link to it on their website.

So each time you create an amazing piece of content, you will want to make sure to promote it using one or more of the following methods.

  • Social Media Networks – Sharing with your social networks, especially the main three (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) should be standard when it comes to promoting content. If you do not have a large following for these networks, you should start building your following now!
  • Mailing Lists – If you have a mailing list, share your new piece of content with your subscribers. It’s a great way to break up frequent sales emails with something that is simply informative.
  • Blog Commenting – I’m not just talking about building links with your blog comments. If you go for CommentLuv enabled blogs that allow you to leave your latest blog post behind as a link beneath your comment, then of course you’re getting a link. But more importantly, instead of someone just seeing your name with a link to it, they’re getting to see the title of your content which, if it’s compelling, will lead to more click throughs.
  • Blogger Outreach – If you have produced infographics, video, or something that is embeddable, then you can reach out to bloggers and let them know about your content. Be sure to explain why you think your content would be valuable for their readers – if you can prove its value, the blogger will be more likely to share it to their audience.

By utilizing both good optimization as well as hearty promotion of your content, it will help in building rankings and authority for your website, brand and business.

Kristi Hines
Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and blogger who develops high-quality content for businesses.
Kristi Hines
Kristi Hines
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  • Igor Mateski

    OK, this is a fairly straightforward To Do list, short n’ sweet. One question though, you mentioned ComentLuv as a good way to beef up the coveted keyword-rich anchor in links, which is great, but I see the faous Disqus commenting system on this site… so, which is better in your view, comentluv or disqus? (yeah it is a bit off topic but it’s a How To, that complements the post)

    • Kristi Hines

      CommentLuv is definitely better if you are trying to promote your latest content because with Disqus, you only get the link to your main URL. With CommentLuv enabled blogs, you get a link to your main URL and your latest blog post.

  • Zamadra

    I liked it. Clear, concise and objective

  • Zippy Cart

    New blog posts should always get a shout out on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    It also helps to have a good, steady editorial schedule for all your schedule, so that your followers and even casual readers know when you’re going to be putting out new material. This keeps them coming back regularly. Some sites even put a note like “Updated every Wednesday!” into their Title tag to let readers know when to come back.

    • Kristi Hines

      Great idea to let readers know what the regular scheduling frequency is. I think that is why daily blogs get the most traffic – because readers know every day there is new content.

  • Igor Mateski

    For blogs, dont forget the ping services. Im using WordPress for my websites, and WP offers a pinging service for each new post. I’ve placed a few dozen ping services, so each time I publish, these services get notified for the new content. Also, RSS is still a great way to push content. Even if it’s not for direct users, I’ve heard that many of the “gurus” in various niches make it a daily habit to follow RSS feeds, (another reason to write stellar titles). So if your content is interesting and original, you just may get tweeted by a guru and get tons of new visitors.
    Back to the commentluv question, is there an elegant way of finding blogs/sites that use this commenting system?

  • Treb072410

    Great post Kristi… This is a very nice read and a great source of information… I like it because its really straightforward… Thanks for sharing…

  • Randy Addison

    Content Optimization is one of the most important thing to improve your search rankings. I have also tried doing article marketing and keyword usage to improve rankings. It actually is effective.

  • India Web Design

    Great read Kristi! RSS feed generation and submitting to RSS directories is a major step in trumpeting about your post. But article marketing i think it will take a turn for the worse unless we render something informative mind-boggling.

  • High PR Links

    Offline SEO is quite pain.It needs money.Free link building as already put a question mark on the importance of OFlline SEO.

    There is no free lunch.Spend money/time in getting high quality links from good bloggers.

    • dissertation thesis

      true. i know that for sure. but peple think itis useless nd dont want to give money! strange but they still don believe in seo!

  • Heather Lloyd-Martin

    Great post! I love how you mention the meta description – so many folks ignore it, but it’s a fantastic way to encourage click-through. It’s like the back jacket cover of a book. The book’s title draws you in, and the description on the back cover seals the deal. 🙂


    • Kristi Hines

      Thanks Heather!

  • Don Halbert

    For me this is the most important element in todays’ SEO toolbelt. If you cant write content then you are up the creek without a paddle because almost daily…search engines are adapting and adopting to new technologies and algorithms. At least this is my experience in my specialized area of Costa Rica SEO whereas I do plenty of copywriting and content writing. Two totally different birds.

  • Anil Valvi

    Thanks Kristi for sharing great information. just a little confusion in mind..can you tell me, if i will publish 1 content in lots of articles sites it would be good or if i will publish 1 content in 1 site its good. Please share with me when you free.

    Have Great day!!

    • Kristi Hines

      I say that you should publish one piece of premium, awesome content on one site, and then use other smaller sites to draw traffic to it by breaking that content down, or repurposing it.

  • Web Hosting Service

    Content plays a major role in the ranking and status of a website without doubt. You have also provided ways to promote the content too. But how do Google or any other search engine for that sake differentiate with the original content owners with the copied owners?

  • seo india

    Great idea to let readers know what the regular scheduling frequency is. I think that is why daily blogs get the most traffic – because readers know every day there is new content.

  • Stacey Acevero

    Don’t forget repurposing content–is that a good strategy to improve search rankings? For example, repurposing blog posts as multimedia I believe is effective because creating and incorporating multimedia increases time on page (according to a study done by PRWeb). For example, if you write a blog post, do a tutorial of the blog on YouTube, or if you blog about a conference, tell a story about the conference using photos on Flickr.