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The Fitness Mantra For Your Inbound Marketing Campaign And Healthy Online Visibility And Results

The world of online and inbound marketing is getting tougher and more competitive. In order to gain and retain visibility, it is essential to follow and maintain a regular update of the site, blog, social media, etc. All this is not as easy and simple as it sounds but is neither too difficult to achieve.

The key to any online success is great content which is eagerly shared and which goes viral.

In order to achieve this, the following regime should be  followed diligently:

Publish Content:

The first thing is to publish a blog post which offers food for thought and compels the visitor to read and comment. The content can be in any form: text, videos, presentations, podcasts, ebooks, press releases. This way you get a chance of being ranked on all the options of the search engines which gives a good recall value . When the same brand is seen everywhere it also generates a certain kind of trust.

On- Page SEO:

Take care of the on-page SEO elements: the title tags, SEO friendly URLs, Header Tags, Alt Text, etc. Optimizing the post for getting ranked on the search engines is a must – no matter how much you advertise on the web, organic rankings have their own niche and are surely going to get you targeted traffic.

Share The Content:

Share the links on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms . Sharing is the only way to reach out . Monitoring the sharing is equally important as you can gear the conversation if the post is misunderstood .

Reply To Comments:

Do not neglect the comments on your blog as creating a community and regular readership and regular user generated content is possible only when people are heard and answers to questions are given.

The main stages of any social media platform which apply in such a scenario too are:


The first and foremost step is to listen. When your initial comments start coming in, you have to acknowledge it by listening and responding to it.


This stage is reached when there are many regular members and they start communicating and sharing amongst themselves and reply to each other’s queries.


This means that your users become your sales people and they start speaking for your product or services. Once you adopt such a culture in this form of social media then you walk the talk. To achieve all this is no cakewalk but it requires years of diligence, patience and quality hard work on a regular basis. But once achieved, your users become your brand ambassadors.

Get Back To Repeat The Cycle – Publish The Next Post :

This has to be an on-going process and the content has to be focused on the purpose of the blog but with fresh and original ideas. Only this regular exercise and workout can keep your website fit. Sure, not only the number of posts matters – the quality of the posts is a crucial factor. But, if the frequency is too low, then again it can affect the fitness adversely. Hence, neither feasting nor fasting is going to help – a good balance has to be acheived with good quality fresh content.

Last but not the least:

Keep Reviewing The Results and Keep Listening To The Social Media Buzz. But, if you take the full day to do this then you surely are going wrong somewhere and wrong exercise harms more than healing as in this case it can affect your core business activities. One hour in the morning and one hour in the evening is enough to accomplish these tasks as the idea is to use the online medium as a tool to boost business and not to substitute it.

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The Fitness Mantra For Your Inbound Marketing Campaign And Healthy Online Visibility And Results

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