Mobile Has Changed Us: The Couch Potato is Extinct

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Back in August of this year, Real officially launched their RealPlayer app for Android . As part of the development process for the video application, research revealed some interesting information on how people are currently using their cell phones and mobile devices. Not only are people watching more television shows and news on their mobile devices, cell phones and tablets are becoming an integral part of the TV watching experience.

I’m no different and often find myself looking up an actor to see what they are currently doing or checking out Wikipedia or IMDB to learn more about a particular movie I’m watching – things like where it was filmed, what were its production costs, which actor is playing a particular character, etc.. When viewing live sports, I’m off to Twitter to see what friends might be tweeting about the game and to add my own input as well. Even in relation to sporting events, looking up team and player statistics while watching an actual game is not all too uncommon for me.

Are you in the same boat? Check out the infographic below and see which category you might fall into.

The Couch Potato is Extinct

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  • brad zefkeles

    As I reading the Search Engine Journal while watching TV on a Friday night, I am glad to know I am not considered a couch potato any more.

    • Melissa Fach


  • I’m in the same boat, except I text my family and friends when watching sports. Only my marketing friends seem to be on Twitter. And with today’s TV shows, I can’t watch any TV without having a computer or tablet in front of me. If it’s a really good movie, I will set my computer down for a bit.

  • Joni

    I’m too busy fast forwarding through commercials on the DVR to visit the second screen. When I watch talk shows with friends I’m all about using the second screen to see if what they’re talking about is true.

  • Alane

    I only unplug for a few shows anymore like AHS and The Walking Dead. I still give my undivided attention to those two programs. I’m ashamed to admit it, but the rest of the time I am constantly on my phone texting, emailing and posting on FB: I am a very active potato.

  • The figures on device usage don’t make sense to me.

    If of those people using a mobile device while watching TV, 86% are using a smartphone and 52% are using a normal cellphone, it means that at least 38% are using both a smartphone and a cellphone at the same time.

    Similarly, if 88% are using a tablet and 86% are using a smartphone, then a minimum of 74% are using a tablet and a smartphone at the same time.

    What is the explanation?

    • Joni

      Typically when surveys are done there is clarification between cell phone and smartphone and tablet and smartphone respondents are usually given one option. So there should be no overlap in the results.