The AdMax SEO Toolbar: New Multi-Feature SEO Tool for FireFox

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The AdMax SEO Toolbar is a new-launched tool that consolidates the best SEO tools into a single browser plugin. This is also the first FireFox addon that addressed mobile SEO as well (it features mobile keyword rankings and mobile link building tools).

Let’s take a detailed look at the toolbar features and options:

To start off, download and install the toolbar from here. After restarting FireFox you should see the toolbar there:

AdMax Toolbar

Page Speed at a Glance

The first most prominent section of the toolbar is the one showing you the page speed:

  • Load time,
  • Page size,
  • Number of requests

Page speed toolbar

Clicking on the section reveals the details: which exactly files were loaded and the size of each:

Page load time

Current Page External Metrics

The next toolbar section lists SEO’s favorite numbers, namely:

  • Page Google Toolbar PageRank;
  • Yahoo! SiteExplorer “Links to domain” number;
  • Yahoo! SiteExplorer “Links to page” number;
  • Yahoo! SiteExplorer “Indexed Pages” number;
  • The number of Dmoz listings;
  • Domain age;

External data

Clicking any metric will take you to the actual result page which, by default, opens in a new tab.

Toolbar “Actions” Section

The toolbar also allows to perform some actions that could speed up your working process:

  • Never care to look for the comment field: use easyComment button (create multiple profiles to let the tool pre-fill your name, email and URL);
  • Highlight on-page nofollow attribute;
  • View page source;
  • Get the page info;
  • Check your keyword position in Google (using a built-in tool)
  • Quickly perform a keyword research (in Google Adwords and Google Search-based tools)
  • Access the “link building tool”

Toolbar actions

The latter deserves a more detailed explanation:

Link Building Tool

The built-in link building tool consists of three sections:

  1. Backlink Builder: this tool takes advantage of Google’s link building queries, which combined with your base term, allow to search for various link building opportunities;
  2. Blog Commenting: this section offers access to “dofollow” blog database;
  3. Directory submission: search for relevant directories here.

Link building tool

The tool has been just released and is still in beta but it looks like a very useful utility, what do you think?

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

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Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing,... Read Full Bio
Ann Smarty
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  • xqicka


  • Kristian van Bockel

    Looks a lot like the SEObook toolbar.. Nice feature to include quick access to keyword research tools!

  • Ankita Sahni

    I really like the page speed and link building features. Decent Tool!

  • hawaii_im

    The link building tool looks like a very useful addition as do some of the toolbar action settings.

  • Tworzenie stron Gdynia

    Im waiting for full version;)

  • SEO Services

    It is fact that in seo , tools play a important role, and i like to use new tools , because we can consume our time by using tools. Nice tool.

  • Abc

    hello nice post

  • Ahmed

    Good Plugin – Without the Trash!

  • Hippy Hop

    The tool looks promising to me. With the page load speed and the backlink builder tool, it sure looks like SEO Tool do have a competition. But still I have to compare its effect on Firefox as it may lower the browsing speed of Firefox.


    Excite tool! I will try out your tool. Thanks for the great stuff.

  • Automotive marketing

    Great article. Thanks, I just wish one of these guys would bring out a toolbar for Safari now that it too has add-ons (I like to use more than one browser when working.). I guess that means it's time to get rid or my SEOBook Toolbar. Or, does anyone see why the SEOToolbar is worth keeping?

    • Jose Tinto

      I believe the SEOBook Toolbar is worth to keep. Remember The AdMax is still in beta. You can't fully depend on them.

  • Jun Baranggan

    It's good. I noticed one thing though after installing and activating the addon. When moving from page to page on a site, the URL doesn't change. It stays on the homepage URL.

  • Keith

    Thanks for pointing this out. I've given it a try and it doesn't seem to slow the browser down. Don't know how accurate the DMOZ listing is in this beta version though.

  • Joshua Odmark

    Thank you all for the great comments on the AdMax SEO Toolbar. I am glad to see people see value in the toolbar that I created!

  • Hugh

    Folks – this product has nothing in its privacy policy – Doesn’t that trigger any alarms with people? For a group of people that are so incredibly smart and web savvy none of you have mentioned the blatant issues that we would have with any piece of software you install.
    The product hasn’t been verified yet by Mozilla and has no privacy information
    Strange this is my second positing on this – while the first didn’t make it through editorial control.

    • Joshua Odmark

      Thanks for pointing that out Hugh. For the record, the toolbar does not record and send any data regarding any user browsing session.

      However, you are right. There should be a privacy policy which explicitly states that.

      I will have a privacy policy live on the AdMax SEO Toolbar home page by the end of the week.

  • COMO Group

    It's interesting to use this toolbar but i have just now used it and checked it does not provide most of the information correctly and for some there is no info. I am also not sure how the data are being gathered and from where?.

  • Internet Marketing Specialist

    The toolbar has some nice features but I found a few issues:
    1. The Yahoo data is inaccurate
    2. The “do-follow” blog listing only has 3 blogs and the one I went to was actually “no-follow”.
    3. There are only 3 links under the Directory Submission tab and they are blogs.
    4. Anyone using the SERP tool heavily will end up being blocked by Google for generating automated queries because the tool does not have any advanced settings to prevent this.

    There might be more but I had enough of it after 2 minutes…

  • Paul Taylor

    I installed the toolbar, looked great, but I had to remove it straight away. When I installed, my Back, Forward and Refresh buttons stopped working. Also when navigating, the Address in the address bar remained the same, i.e. the URL of the first page I visited. Also, when I installed and restarted firefox all my open tabs were lost. After removal and restart all tabs came back. Something a bit strange going on there.

  • Nick

    I think good toolbar what google toolbar is better than that for every work. Thanks for sharing

  • Bolinseo

    This plugin very good, very strong