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The 5 steps to successfully building a good e-commerce Web site

Step no. 1
Register a .com, a .biz, a .cc or a .ca domain name (.ca are reserved for Canadian companies only). Whether you’re looking to reserve domain names for use now or at a later date, you should seriously consider doing it now, while some still might be available, although the best choices in the .com range have most certainly been taken by now. We have found some good domain names in the .biz, .cc and .ws category. The choice is yours.

There are also many additional options that can be added to any e-commerce registered domain name at any time such as the ability to:

Park the domain with a “Coming Soon” page
Redirect the domain name to another of your choice
Redirect to a subdirectory of another domain name
Start using your new domain name email address
Add relevant body text & keywords to your pages

From time to time we hear about domain names, mistakenly or otherwise, not registered in the name of their rightful owners. Even if it’s just an oversight, rectifying this situation can become time consuming and costly.

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The 5 steps to successfully building a good e-commerce Web site

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