The 20-Minute SEO Audit Infographic

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The 20-Minute SEO Audit Infographic

Sniffing out most of a website’s basic search-engine-optimization problems can be done in 20 minutes or less if you know what you’re doing. Here are the essentials for an effective and fast SEO audit.

Graphic outlining steps in a 20-minute SEO audit

Brian Flores
Brian Flores is the SEO for InMotion Hosting, one of the top providers of virtual private servers in the US. He spends a good part... Read Full Bio
Brian Flores
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  • media news

    Would you please offer a link to a better quality image? something that I can print on an A3 page?

    • Brian Flores

      Hi there! You can get a more print-friendly version of the infographic at the following page:

      That should do the trick!


      PS – If you can, please use the embeddable HTML provided on the link I sent you to share the infographic.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Nothing like a good infographic to start the day! It’s good to revisit the basics every now and again. Often we are so busy looking for the “advanced” technique that we forget to all our ducks in a row.

  • Robert Miranda

    Your absolutely right Nick. Plus, a good info graphic makes the content sooo much easier to digest.

  • Wasim Ismail

    Nice refresher, Info graphs always work well, they portray the message, easy to digest, and great for presentations.

  • Norma

    Wonderful post, Infographic easy to read and understand and to pass on.


  • Robert Miranda

    You’re absolutely right Nick. Plus, a good info graphic makes the content sooo much easier to digest.

  • Brian Flores

    Glad you guys are enjoying the infographic and find it very easy to digest. Now please share it! =) You can find the code to copy and paste onto your websites here:

  • John Vargo

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ll be posting it up on my pegboard for a constant reminder!

  • Kirti

    Google keeps posting “not found” crawl errors for pages that have not existed on my site or server for over 6 months.My site is (
    In webmaster tools account, I found some urls are going to 404 not found but these are text link on third party site:for example: 29-Jun-11
    but webmaster treated as a –
    n these links are from directories n boomarking type sites.. If the third party site is having some alignment problem and they cant show the complete url in one line then why it is showing in crawl error section? Y it is broken link?

    So, my questions are:
    1. What can reasonably be done to cause these errors to stop appearing?
    2. Any thoughts in terms of how long these errors will continue to appear… months/years?
    3. Is there any way to contact Google and have them cut this nonsense out.
    4. My site has also been out from google, is 404 error is the reason for it.?..

    I am posting here because i need experts advice to resolve this problem..what should i do…

  • Pool Fence

    I love the post, thank you for sharing. Let me ask you, maybe someone knows the answer. We compeletly redesigned our website and now we still have many errors. We used to have a URL structure that was not SEO friendly, the urls are full of strange characters and those pages were linked all over the web. I cannot do redirect for pages that were pulled from the database. These pages are all ending up on a 404 error page. Similar issue like Kirti has I guess.

    • Brian Flores

      It seems to me that Pool Fence & Kerti have pagination issues. I would start by reading up on pagination issues. I think SEOmoz has some good starter guides on this problem. If that leaves you still wondering what’s going on, I suggest you ask for help on WebMasterWorld, which is a SEO and online marketing community that’s dedicated to helping its members solve SEO problems. The latter is very good at helping you troubleshoot advanced SEO problems.

      Good luck!

      – Brian F