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Thanksgiving Recipe Searches Doubling Recipe Site Traffic

Recipe sites experience the doubling of traffic during the Thanksgiving holiday week according to a recent Hitwise study, which shows that traffic to online recipe sites was up 17.5% last week. The bulk of the recipe searches are centered around traditional deserts such as pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie. A bit of irony as my aunt and I were searching for “pecan pumpkin pie” on AllRecipes yesterday. Pecan pumpkin pie is a southern recipe which is a pumpkin pie topped with pecan-pie style crust.

Most Popular US Search Terms Containing ‘recipe.’ For the one-week period ending November 18, 2006 :

Search Term / Share of Searches Containing Term

* pumpkin pie recipe 0.49%
* pecan pie recipe 0.36%
* pumpkin cheesecake recipe 0.28%
* pumpkin roll recipe 0.26%
* sweet potato pie recipe 0.24%
* banana bread recipe 0.24%
* pumpkin bread recipe 0.22%
* stuffing recipe 0.22%
* turkey recipe 0.21%
* meatloaf recipe 0.21%

The most popular recipe related search terms for the one-week period ending November 18, 2006 were ‘pumpkin pie recipe,’ ‘pecan pie recipe,’ ‘pumpkin cheesecake recipe,’ ‘pumpkin roll recipe’ and ‘sweet potato pie recipe.’

pumpkin pie ( was the top website receiving traffic from the term ‘recipe’ for the week ending November 18, 2006 with 36.9 percent of visits from the term. Food Network ( was second, accounting for 13.1 percent of visits from the term, followed by Kraft Foods ( with 8.2 percent of visits.

“Online recipe research continues to be a last minute activity,” said Bill Tancer, general manager of research at Hitwise. “This week’s increase in market share of visits to the category when compared to the same time last year indicates that turning to the Internet for holiday recipes is an increasingly popular tradition.”

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Thanksgiving Recipe Searches Doubling Recipe Site Traffic

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