Tell If Your Blogger Blog Has Been Flagged

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Tell If Your Blogger Blog Has Been Flagged

A DigitalPoint thread asks if anyone knew what the referral url of was. There were many guesses as to what this URL was for, but most people thought it was fake. After some research, the thread creator discovered it was from people flagging your blog in blogger.

It is relating to my blogs at blogger, hence the admin_flags meaning the flag button on the blogger bar. I’m not sure why people would flag some of my blogs though, no spam and no objectionable content. I confirmed that it is from blogger though because that referral comes from this one IP which I checked other logs for that IP and I get similar admin stuff from .pyra files.

These are dynamic web apps created by a company called pyra which inititally created google’s Blogger. Bla197 is the admin, there were other admins as well. And that page is an intranet page or a web app that is only availible within a private network like google.

Just one more referrer URL discovered.

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