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Ted Dhanik of Engage BDR Talks Traffic Buying

Engage BDR CEO Ted Dhanik talks about how his company has remained competitive in the traffic buying world despite the recent changes on Facebook.

Facebook’s implementation of hashtags brought with it a lot of change for Internet marketers, but perhaps the most important shift came within the CPC and media buying realm. But despite the fact that these changes have prompted a shift in many online marketing practices, there are still some companies who have managed to stay competitive with Facebook. One of those companies is Engage BDR, who Search Engine journal’s Murray Newlands recently visited in LA to chat with CEO Ted Dhanik about the current CPC and media buying landscape.

In the interview, the two dive into exactly how Facebook is changing the game, and what that means for ad networks, advertisers, and publishers. With more and more people using Facebook everyday, the social media platform has created a place that is great for advertising, but has also caused a shift in modern online marketing practices.

“Facebook’s definitely created a dent in display demand,” Dhanik told us. “Initially when Facebook started getting super hot in the advertising side, people were kind of migrating their budgets away a little bit from display, traditional display, and Facebook was getting a lot of it. But as we saw with anything new that came out, we saw that all those migrations or diversions of budget are typically temporary, and they come back to it, and they realize that it’s not about where we’re going to spend our money exclusively, it’s about how many channels can we spend money in parallel with.”

Even though Facebook has put a “dent” in the display world, however, Ted explained that Engage BDR ensures it’s clients safe traffic, and traffic that is competitive with Facebook because they treat each and every account on an individual level.

“We want to run the campaigns very appropriately,” he explained, “we use lots of tools to find the media plan for every client, so we buy campaigns specifically for every single client, and we leverage tools that everyone holds dear and true to them, just like the “What Runs Where” of the world—we have AdBeat, AdClarity, What Runs Where, ComScore…there’s a lot more. And we leverage that stuff to really find the core audience the campaign deserves, and a lot of it’s based on competitive analysis.”

Towards the end of the interview, Ted offered up some more interesting information regarding the challenges of both CPC and CPM, but to find out what all he had to say, make sure to watch the full interview.

For more information on Engage BDR and their products and services, be sure to visit their website at


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Ted Dhanik of Engage BDR Talks Traffic Buying

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